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File: 1667677735324.jpg (166.97 KB, 800x352, 4_5807810934072151287.jpg)


testing if i can post with my communicator


i can


File: 1667678167825.jpg (187.91 KB, 1280x958, nokia wirechan.jpg)


This looks insane! Did you build it yourself, or what model is it?


I miss physical keyboards on phones


This is what we gave up in favor of smartphones. Tragic.



Nokia is a way of life.


it says the model right at the top, dummy - E90

blame porn


Very nice, OP.

My thoughts exactly as well.




me too man, me too

yes indeed t. OP


One of the reasons I keep coming back here is because I can post on this site with damn near anything.


List so far:
-ancient Nokia
-3DS (me)


File: 1667768059268.jpg (1.57 MB, 2964x2808, WirechanNintendo.jpg)


So cool



very nice! somehow accessing the net feels more high tech and exciting using machines of which's internet capabilities you wouldn't take for granted

>of which's

somehow this feels wrong but i cant think of anything else to put there


I browsed the net so much on my 3DS. Super nostalgic.


Maybe "whose"?
But perhaps that gives them too much animacy, or not enough.


I know the feeling. I was always more impressed over using the internet on my PSP than a smartphone.




Would that be able to substitute a smartphone for daily use?

And by that i mean, texting + internet access


File: 1673911144474.jpg (5.24 MB, 4640x3472, nokia futaba.jpg)

to a degree but the browser doesn't support modern websites or some attachments, the texting would also mean literal SMS


Thats the best kinda of texting, sometimes ill awnser a text and get distracted by a youtube video and what not and lose an hour of my day watching garbage instead of doing something productive. I would unironically use as a daily.


How bulky its it?
If it fits comfortably on a pocket its actually the perfect daily.


it fits into a pocket nicely, not really bulky at all. i like how thick it is compared to smartphones so you can get a more solid grip


File: 1676231690812.jpg (221.88 KB, 2000x2000, blackberry_q10_white_black….jpg)

Thats pretty cool, i've also been trying to get rid of my "smart"phone for a while, this would be a good replacement while still being able to talk to normal people. I wonder how the battery life is.



it's 10+ years old so the battery life isn't as long as it used to be but it isn't connected to the wired 24/7 like modern smartphones so the battery can last for a few days if you don't use it constantly


I want a blackberry so bad.


proceeds to not buy one


These are kinda expensive for what they are but i think thats the catch so you're stuck on the smartphone loop.


oh yea!?!?!
when i get money im gunna get one and ill post abou it neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


>when i get money
get a job :3


i dont need a job i get neet bucks


Get a job hippie! No girls are gonna be with a bum, son. Why don't you join the army like you grandpa? Your generation its lost son, lost!


most tasks can be automated and will be in the near future.


How old will you be when they are? And what a about the now? What about yesterday or last week? Don't you wish to be respected? To have a nice girl by your side, breathing softly on your chest after a day of doing some fulfilling work? To earn enough money to go on a vacation to japan with your beautiful wife? When is this automated tasks thing happening soon? Tomorrow? Next year? 10 years from now? What about in the mean time?


im good tbh i hate everyone. and there is a person i see but they never say anything profound. yea im good on all that. and i think that probably in the next ten years most tasks yes.


and i dont really want respect from people in this sick society their respect means nothing to me.


So you want to be disrespected by sick people? /0-0\

>im good tbh i hate everyone.

So you don't want to love someone? The most sacred human feeling? What do you want to do? You know in the mean time while tasks aren't automated? I remember a time when people said we would have flying cars by the year 2000. What if your time prediction its wrong and its actually more like 50 years? What about the meantime?


i want nothing. i want everyone to die. i dont want love. love is a lie. i want to be left alone.


>i want nothing.(this contradicts NO4)
??? then what do you do?

> i want everyone to die


>i dont want love?(this contradicts NO3)

Why? its a beautiful feeling, its probably the best naturally achieved feeling one can get.

>love is a lie

It its most definitely not, unless someone lies about loving you. Me and a good chunk of planet earth can vouch for that.

>i want to be left alone

Fair, but unhealthy for long amounts of time. Do you live in a cave or in the woods without human contact? How do you eat? Hunting?



>??? then what do you do?



because i hate everyone

>It its most definitely not, unless someone lies about loving you. Me and a good chunk of planet earth can vouch for that.

yes it is, and you are a fool.

>Do you live in a cave or in the woods without human contact? How do you eat? Hunting?



You post here, so at least you want a computer, access to the internet and wirechan. You also want to eat food and drink water, pee, poop, sleep and breath oxygen at least. There is nothing else? Really?

>I hate everyone

Yes i understand that, what i don't understand its the WHY you hate everyone? Any particular reason or you just one day woke up and decided to? Either way that its not natural is it?

>and you are a fool.

A fool for feeling the amazing sensation of love? How come?
Question: If i laugh at a joke you never heard, in a comedy club you never been does that make the joke or the club not real?


The question is because unless you do that, you will have to interact(and possibly depend on) with people not matter how minimal it its. Which makes being truly left alone impossible and also why? Why would it be desirable to reject the social feelings of love, friendship, brotherhood, healthy competition, the feeling of being respected and admired? Why is that those feelings are not desirable for you? A bit bonkers if you ask me. Why would a human being not want positive feelings?


yes. i do just want the computer i like people online. but not people irl, they just hurt me.
and i hate everyone because they are mean.
and there is no such thing as love its just a stupid illusion people feel.
and i dont want those things because i just dont i just want to be in a room alone with like the omputer i just want to be left alone. im so done and hurt. i want to be alone its that simple. i want everyone to fuck off! fuck!


except online people u are ok. i like you as long as u are behind a screen.


>and i hate everyone because they are mean.
While some people are indeed naturally mean a good chunk of people really aren't. Unless you give them reason to do so with your actions. And even then, they prefer to avoid it all together if possible. Maybe you should meet different people.

>and there is no such thing as love its just a stupid illusion people feel.

Love can be chemically measured the same way cumming releases chemicals in your brain or heroin in your blood stream, and humans are addicted and hardwired to seek it, like how they are addicted to eating foot to chemically provide energy to their bodies.
It should be self explanatory and easily provable that those things are not illusions but indeed a real thing.

>im so done and hurt.

Have you thought about seeking help? It usually helps, thats why its called help. Then you can commence to find those feelings that you do indeed desire.


DigitalTears, have you considered that you might have schizoid personality disorder?




Stop what?


nvm its fine.


Get help, feel love, there are many things outside of the screen.


Hey communicator anon ignrore the retard therapy on this thread.

About the communicator.
How is it to browse the net on it, is it responsive, does it support 3g? Does it use android? If so what version?


it has opera mini browser from like 2009 so it's a little sluggish. i've only used it with wifi, have no idea what G it supports. the phone uses Symbian OS


does the nokia store works?


Could the os be changed?
I want a nokia n95 but there aren't any near me


I was so close to ordering a communicator… But the ever malevolent demons contrived to shut down 3G networks.


nah, lol. ovistore got shut down ages ago

i've no idea. i don't think modern OS's support two screens so i don't know what you would change it to

you can still use wifi


the real issue with old stuff is that old protocols have been hacked
wpa2 and before (wifi security, we are now on wpa3) was hacked and 3G networks are now vulnerable. and you also run an older and unmaintained version of an OS (unless you find some custom ROM but highly doubtful) and old software with old security issues.
it's only good for a hobbyist really


What are they gonna hack? My messages with my mom? For a daily it works pretty well.


no, your MAC address in order to spoof your device and get your wifi connection, for example. once that is done, they are going to spy on your network to get packets and see everything you do on your home network. your old cool phone then becomes irrelevant. that means email, bank accounts, passwords, personal info
also, they can get your SIM data if you have one (i suppose to, if you have messages with your mom) and use 3G. that means having info tied to you when you bought the card. can mitigate this by paying a prepaid, but some countries don't permit that. and spoofing is still possible anyway. definitely going to know your EXACT location if they hack you on 3G network.

if on some old browser exploits could be used to get personal info and doxx you. or just using internet in general is dangerous, old versions of online software is costantly getting targeted by bots with malware.

everything is connected. it just takes a weak link to break the strongest chain. i am not saying don't use this, what i mean is keep it air gapped.

also, i meant >>5084 as a response to >>5083 and >>5082, I am sorry.


>no, your MAC address in order to spoof your device and get your wifi connection
what? that doesn't make any sense. you will not magically connect to a wifi network if you spoof your mac to that of another device that was previously connected to said network. whether it happens automatically or manually, every device still needs to authenticate.


I'm gonna play my ignorant card here and ask who the heck would look out for a symbian device to be online through opera mini to hack them? one would really think that anyone who's going to attempt to hack anybody's private info would try to hack something that is more commonly used to maximize their possibilities at succeeding.
given that, i don't know if it's just a matter of a script or something to break a code to find out shit and that older OS's are more vulnerable to that kind of things (i'm not a hacker i couldn't know) but if there are specific [hacking programs] that target specific kinds of systems like chromium and the sort i doubt they would attempt to abuse such a niche lineup. also if you're using your phone to handle sensitive information you're a fucking idiot to begin with so idk.

tl;dr i doubt hackers care about such old systems and are looking for more modern and common things to exploit


Ill do my banking while downloading asian milf porn, cant stop me pussy.

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