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Should become girl not maybe?


File: 1667491042701.jpg (168.3 KB, 1520x1080, 1628567274313-0.jpg)

We really don't need a part two so soon, especially not one involving you. Sorry, but it's just not a good idea right now.



Absolutely, the thread on the /lain/ board got f*cked up quickly. And I only read it!



Oh btw VCXL, I admire you creating these new threads and topics when you visit…
…but I'd like put it out there that you can participate in other conversations here besides your own y'know? ;)


>You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.


You should leave the site again. You contribute nothing positive to Wirechan.


It's not really a question to ask for the opinions of internet strangers.



Can someone put a spoiler tag on that image?


This is for noone but yourself to decide. If you need another to make you do it, then it is not truly your decision.


We already have a thread on that
Read >>1443

Then you can make your own opinions and decisions about it, or you might want to avoid that all along as ask people on your irl social group for directions instead of the terminally online.


Why would you want this?

Lmao what a weird thing to want. A dude wanting to be a girl.
Imagine you walking outside and everybody laughing at you because you're so wacky lol.


Imagine being a slave to other people's opinions


Yeah he is right, you should definitely cut your dick off hahahah lol


hey VCXL glad to see you back.
ill reiterate what i suggested to you before- start a thread of your own in /b called "VCXL's thread" then post whatever the hell you want to post in there as much as you want but keep it in that thread. that way everyone who wants you to leave will be satisfied because everything pertaining to you will be in one singular thread and everyone who wants you to stay will be satisfied because they will know where to catch up with you.


what you want a gold medal or something?



Do NOT cut your penis off
Do NOT slice your wrists
Do NOT be disavowed by your parents
Do NOT be bullied by former friends
Do NOT get a programming job


solid advice here


I kind of want a gold medal tbh now that you are offering


Mutilate yourself


I just reread the tranny thread, so many good punchlines and the tranny retreating under the mental health excuse makes that thread so good.
it physically hurts me that more people aren't gonna be able to see it and are gonna still chop it off hoping that it would cure their depression.




Ey you! Go rain on someone else’s parade and don’t be so cocky.


trannies wish they wouldn't be so COCKY



File: 1670135616716.jpg (347.86 KB, 1080x746, 1650143615426.jpg)


umm i was just bored when i posted this, like long ago. so much criticism. uhh srry ?



Exactly, I bloody hate sometimes how this place just throws you into a firepit after one sentence. I'm with ya.


Yeah, that's how the internet is, nothing to do really other than suck it up. Also, it's not necessarily out of malice, they just don't want to watch another fall down the same path only for it to lead to demise.
>self comfort post

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