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File: 1666884277000.jpeg (39.96 KB, 1080x789, FgBVz84UYAAl22j.jpeg)


I'm preparing now for the NNN.

I'm gonna try and document my journey. Last year I failed at Day 15, feeling defeated. But this year, I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna be stronger. This year, I'll triumph over my weakness and overcome this obstacle.

It'll be cool if you guys can join me.


I've done it many times, I will do it this year too. But I won't blog about it because I suspect being too focused on the topic decreases your chances of succeeding.


File: 1666891267266.gif (561.67 KB, 416x389, bonsai töt.gif)

im gonna nut like 3 times a day +


Lets go

Focusing on it and doing with other people gives you the sense of being ashamed and a let down if you fail.


I'm gonna bury my cock in holes all month long


no fap sex only


OP of >>>3799 Here, I will also be joining you once November starts. But until then I'll probably put my updates in my thread. I will be content with failing NNN if I reach 30 total days before December 1st or nut inside a woman. I believe we can persevere together, brother.


reminder to on these few days before nnn to slow down with the fapping and not fat on the day before nov1


Online anonymous people are like negative peer pressure to me. But constantly reminding myself that I could be fapping right now feeds into the bodily urges that inevitably arise. So instead of being obsessed with the topic, I will distract myself with mathematics or something.


a menace

good luck, brother! let's all persevere!

thank you for the reminder, anon. I don't have the urge to fap right now, but I feel like I should since I'm not going to for a whole month, but also, it feels like cheating if I do now, so I won't.

good habits, anon, that's pretty good. I know you can do it.


I don't give a shit. I have spent numerous periods, ranging up to 12 months without pornography. Up to 3 months without masturbation. Is all big nothing, if you are ugly and lonely it is not going to change how do you feel at all. But feel free to try and disappoint yourself once again.


If you have spent that much time without pornography and masturbation, then that's good on you.
Some people take on this challenge to see if they can do things their way, and practice discipline.
Being able to take control of your life is the essence of this thing, though this one's more like a joke.

If you're ugly and lonely, this may not change your appearance or current state, but at the least, you've done something you can be proud of. This is a small step to take control of your life. If you can last 30 days without succumbing to your coomer lifestyle then you've got hope


You're just lucky not to be addicted then. I've been trying to completely stop for the past 3 months and I keep failing but if I keep fighting I will manage to stop completely


that's the spirit, anon! we all fall down sometimes, repeatedly even, but what matters is that we get up and not give up.
you can do this!


Gotta keep the ladies and boys happy ;3


Every time you feel like jacking do 50 push ups


>Every time you feel like jacking do 50 push ups

I found the polaroids I mentions in my thread, there not even that hot lol. Even though I haven't succeeded yet, it is encouraging to find out that I am now less of a coomer


I find it that having a routine that does not involve "browsing the web" makes it pretty hard to fap, still hard not do do it once a week though


I'm not going to torture myself. If I feel like fapping, I'm going to fap. I also get to have sex a couple of times a week but I'm a jizz factory and I produce plenty.


sex doesn't count, for most its the cumming outside of sex that is the problem. If you're a married person and you still feel the need to jack it there is something wrong, most people can and should be able satisfy their needs with their s/o without having to fap at work or think about it all day.


No nut means no nutting, if you ejaculate you fail.


I agree with being able to satisfy yourself with an SO; However, the challenge may have roots in nofap but it is a no ejaculation challenge.


It's because addiction from pornography is actually really mild.


alright, boys, here we go


starting right now


Already failed. It was fun though. Therapeutic even.


File: 1667319538860.jpg (65.36 KB, 1280x720, harsh-yui.jpg)


File: 1667321439664.jpeg (414.58 KB, 1536x2048, Ff2oi05XoAARmg1.jpeg)

Day 1 report

watched porn: no
jerked off: no
nutted: no

Day went like a breeze. this is just the first day though so I don't wanna be too smug.
I don't think I'll tell my girlfriend that I'm participating in this challenge because she'll tease me with her horny texting. O hope she doesn't catch on.

aw man :(( too early :((



>Joins NNN
>Posts barely clothed anime girl with update


I'm masturbating less and less often these days but if I go long enough without a wank, I have wet dreams. I had one last night about an old school friend who I've never been attracted to and who is objectively ugly, but it made me come nonetheless.

Anyway, I wanted to know: did I fail NNN a few hours in? Or do wet dreams not count?


I'm not the NNN police, but I'm gonna say it don't count.
You didn't choose to do it, nor did you jack it off to porn. Your body did it itself, and you're asleep so it's way out of your control. Main thing about NNN is self-discipline and control of your own desires, so as it not devolves into addiction.
You're good, my guy. Day 1!

lole, my bad, can't pick a picture. it's the first one in my pc. used it as an art reference.
disregard the pic, press on brothers!


I would say, no, it does not count. The only conceivable way of making wet dreams count as a failure is if it was a lucid dream you chose to make a wet dream.



>lole, my bad, can't pick a picture. it's the first one in my pc. used it as an art reference.

Pantsu_ripper is a great artist, been a fan of his for about a year now. Fab art.


So… did you?


We've been together for 15+ years and I still have an urge to fap on a daily basis. My sex drive has always been insanely high. It even started to get higher by the time I was almost 30 than what it ever was as a teenager.


File: 1667409597325.jpg (28.32 KB, 605x605, 313936884_1161377007809759….jpg)

Day 2 report

watched porn: no
jerked off: no
nutted: no

Day 2 still going strong. I installed a website blocker extension on my devices, so now, if I search porn or any other porn related stuff, it won't show anything. Pretty cool.
I've no intentions of looking at porn, but, just in case. Prevention is better than the cure.

My girlfriend is at her family's house this week. Earlier this morning, she sent me some pretty pictures of her, also a bit of horny pics on the side. Got turned on, and had a boner, but I didn't jack off. Just thinking about her and her body makes me wanna do it, but I'm not gonna succumb to my weak will. I didn't lose. I can do this!


File: 1667410261109.jpg (252.82 KB, 720x1600, 20221103749026298537.jpg)

this is what it looks like if I search 'porn'

I customized the blocked website message to show me this quote from Albert Camus. I feel like this would help me a lot.

If y'all are interested in this chrome extension, it's Netfencer Porn Block.


File: 1667501784019.jpg (548.46 KB, 1489x1527, 1667439112703142.jpg)

Day 3 report

watched porn: no
jerked off: no
nutted: no

i had urges, but nothing that i couldn't sleep off. so far, i feel fine, normal. nothing feels out of the ordinary.

i found a cool website where i can talk to people and write stories using ai. it's fun.


I started before November. I haven't looked at anything pornographic in a few days. For what ever reason, my dreams are starting to become pervy and sexually violent. It concerns me to says the least. But even still, I will continue.
Cool quote, I am to repeat it ad nauseam from now on


File: 1667506759753.jpg (275.26 KB, 720x674, 1667019808234.jpg)

fuck, i shouldn't have opened discord.

start of day 4 and my eyes went past some pornographic material in the chat. my coomer brain kicked in and i watched it. i felt guilty afterwards. i really gotta avoid going to places where porn is just everywhere.
good thing though is, I didn't feel like I should jerk off to it. I just watched it, and I got hard for like a quick second then it's gone. I'm not saying it's like a progress, but it's something.

Good going, anon! Keep it up! I don't think you can control those dreams, but as long as you take control of yourself, in your awake times, that's what matters. We can do this.


I've already fapped over 20 times since November has started.


Dopamine receptors fucked 177013 style


that's like 5 times (or more) per day. How does your dick not hurt?


I've been going strong today, a lot less perverted thoughts and urges than I'm used to. I feel like this is already starting to have a positive impact on me. However, I can't shake the feeling of wanting to send an unsolicited dick pic. Hopefully this will pass


File: 1667615545158.jpeg (4.89 KB, 236x244, images (16).jpeg)

Day 4 report

watched porn: yes
jerked off: no
nutted: no

feeling great and confident right now. still on the grind.
I still feel a bit guilty over that discord situation but it will never happen again, I'll make sure of it.

Had this massive raging boner while I was doing stuff, and I couldn't shake it off, so I did what I think would help. I peed. And voila, gone. I try to think about more creative stuff when I get horny and that seems to help too.

girlfriend and I seems to be in a kind of a bad state rn, misunderstanding and stuff. so emotionally, I'm feeling a whole lotta sad. I hope this won't affect my perseverance.


so glad to hear you doing absolutely great, anon! it definitely is having a great impact on you. it may be just in my head, but I feel it too.
I have a clearer headspace and I'm feeling a lot less tired than I used to be. We can do this, anon, we can improve.

keep that dick pic to yourself for a while. it'll be more impressive after this challenge, trust me


File: 1667616357046.jpg (70.86 KB, 540x540, 1635559359489.jpg)

i made it to day 3 then i hooked up with some random chick from tinder and busted on her face 2 times.


sex don't count


Doesn't count brother, you're still in


Day 5: Talked to this milf today wanna fap, will not.


They've been fucked up for a very long time now. The only enjoyment I get out of life now is by masturbating and watching perverted content on the internet. My dick hasn't been sore from masturbating since 2009 when I ended up doing 23 times in one day.


Try not doing it for the month if you got nothing to lose



Tutt tutt. As a british guy that sounds less believable than Jay's tall tales of sex from The Inbetweeners.

Also why tf is this topic pinned at the top of the board. There's much more interesting conversation to be had here than all your no-masturbation woes.


File: 1667674563228.jpeg (21.77 KB, 495x619, images (17).jpeg)

Day 5 report

watched porn: no
jerked off: no
nutted: no

day 5 done and dusted. way too easy.
but to be honest, this is where i usually cave in.
once a week, after every 4 or 5 days, I get this incredible urge to jerk off, like it's in my body system to do. like a routine. I don't even need material, I can just do it with the pure power of my imagination. and that's when I knew it was a problem.

im glad im taking a bit of control now.


I think my balls got fatter. All the medical knowledge I know tells me that this shouldn't be happening, and yet it is


I dont even feel like jerking anymore


If I could be isolated for a month or taken in by a master of a skill to personally teach me something of use.


File: 1667752071849.jpeg (13.41 KB, 400x400, images (8) (2).jpeg)

Day 6 report

watched porn: no
jerked off: no
nutted: yes

Went to my girlfriend's house today.
Feeling kinda weak in the knees now.

So, balls empty, but still didn't jack off. I'm still in the game, baby.


You failed, this is "no nut" not "no fap".


Almost fapped yesterday looked at some porn, felt gross, gave up on jacking.

Its working


File: 1667817763392.jpeg (4.14 KB, 226x223, images (8) (3).jpeg)

fuck, I guess you're right.
but I've decided that sex don't count, since it's a natural part of sex to nut.

Last time, I didn't have a girlfriend, so I felt really defeated when I nutted. I lost to myself.
But now that I have a girlfriend that has.. needs, I cannot deny her.
So I guess I made an exception (for myself) that sex doesn't count to losing, and I don't feel like I lost already.

I guess.. no point now to continue NNN for me.
it's now NFN. No Fap November, lmak

For the rest of you guys, don't give up!


I think I'm going to start in after a week of falling in despair of nonstop nutting and now having furiously fapping fatigue. I just found out I won't be able to have sex for sure at least another two months if not longer. I'm practically probably going to end up in some cringe incel status. I just want to use my mental focus elsewhere than obsessing over milking my meat stick. I need real change for fucks sake! I need to get out of this addiction and start living my damn life again. I haven't thought of anything but sex since I was 12 years old on that fateful Summer day that a friend of mine jerked me off and him explaining the whole "cumming" process to me after we had a battle on our Pokemon Silver games. I taught him how to clone Pokemon in the Pokemon Center he taught me how to jerk my dick and things haven't ever been the same again. I have been self-milking multiple times a day ever since. I can't do this anymore. I can't live like this. Sex wasn't even enough when I lost my virginity. I was never happy with cumming inside of a wet sloppy pussy. No sir, just two hours later there I am at my computer desk wacking off like the crazed hopeless man I was and still am.


this looks like a copypasta, and if it is, it's hilarious. well done.

but if you're sincere, man, I wish you all the best. the first step to change is actually doing something. no matter how small the step is, it's gonna be progress.

A little drop can form a river. Always remember that.


Day; 8 almost fapped looked at some porn then stopped myself


OP from that other nofap thread
Day 8(?): 2022/11/8:
I cratered and looked at more pics of bunnygirls. Most of them, however, disgusted me. Maybe it's that e-sluts have gotten worse at taking pics, or not consistently looking at coomer material has made dislike it more. I was able to successfully turn my horny energy into working out. I hope I can keep strong for the next few weeks. I believe in us, brothers.



Day 11 :my hand is on my cock at every possible opportunity, looked at some porn, stopped myself, i do it like one a week , past the 10 day mark its really hard now but i will prevail


Remember, if you fail, that doesn't mean you can go ape-shit for the remainder of November. The clock just resets. One month from whenever you cave.


File: 1668280705479.mp4 (1.9 MB, 360x450, nnn.mp4)


I am now too sad to fap and will be for the foreseeable future.


I don't normally like Trump shit, but this one is good. Nice post.



I will not fap!1!!1!!!


Two weeks done, how's everyone holding up?


I have fapped 140 times. I'm averaging 10 times a day.


I am very optimistic, I think this is the best I've felt at the 15 day mark thus far. I did look at porn yesterday, I was trying to get a full chub to see if I was actually any longer, but pron now disgusts me. This is starting to work. During the few times I am horny I no longer think "I should fap now" I now think "Damn, I need to get bitches."

Dare I ask, what condition is your dick currently in? I can't imagine anything but bruised, sore, filled with muscle fatigue, and generally chaffed. This sounds very unhealthy.


I woke up in the middle of the night and couldnt go back to sleep, i have failed, i usually nut once a week or so, i will try to make it every 2 weeks now, baby steps


File: 1668537843132.png (12.84 KB, 590x242, github-commit-heatmap.png)

Do you track your fapping? You should get one of those heatmaps they use on Github.


Other than knowing that I'm doing it 10 times a day per day. Not really.

My dick is a bit sore, but not chaffed or bruised. Back in the late 2000s and early 2010s I used to cum on average around 7-9 times a day no problem. Did that for a few years. Even had sex back then on a daily basis as well. My girlfriend at the time called me a jizz machine.


I still wanna send a dick pic
my dick does in fact look nicer now
and my balls have gotten fatter


Failed half way, trying not to fap until december


I hate to admit it. I failed tonight myself. I ended up having a binge and did it 5 times once every hour. Now my balls really really itch.


How much time does that take?


Part of me is sad there is only a week left. After about 1.5 weeks in it just flew by. I think I'll keep this going as long as I can.


starting this again


>starting this again
Godspeed, anon.

Only two days left, is there anyone else still here with me?




It's over. I thought it would be harder.


Same. I thought I would feel more accomplished but it just feels like nothing. I think it has permanently changed my thought patters, but in a good way, though.


i wanna start this for december again


Maybe unpin this shizz?

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