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How many wired anons here are from the USA?


File: 1665374247331.jpg (173.87 KB, 1600x1246, freedom_bitches.jpg)



I am, but I'm about to post a Finnish thing so I can copy and paste the URL on my phone.


Carry on, my fellow Americans.


The comment says it is a rocket launch.


File: 1665502728419.mp4 (1.06 MB, 854x480, 8628bbee35158f97.mp4)

tämä langu onkin nyt suomi langu :-DDDD eeben


Born and raised in the armpit of Burgerville.

It's getting too expensive to live.


I too, am a Burger Landian


borgorman reporting for duty, OP!


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File: 1665740878980.jpg (72.04 KB, 1024x576, mannetv.jpg)

lol no ameriniggers here


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I'm a Brit. Tea cakes and scones for all.


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File: 1667905800686.jpg (8.72 KB, 714x87, japnphlie.jpg)

if your really amercian post your address social security number and the numbers on your credit car




Hello, fellow beey.space poster. I miss that place. Thanks for saving my post from two years ago.


Nothing has replaced it for me.


File: 1668157413511.jpg (34.31 KB, 1018x163, you.jpg)

repalced what? stop talking about things you don't know.
beey sama is probably dead, couldnt handle reality.




Beey definitely killed himself. I remember talking to him on IRC the night before. He was in a bad mental state.


File: 1668255794374.jpg (46.11 KB, 1019x260, beeysamarip.jpg)

Tis really a tragedy then, he did realized his state but could not take the steps necessary to change his situation, i hope hes alive still though.


Curious, how much of that website do you have archived? Or did you just screenshot posts that you could use as quotes down the road? What's the story here?


File: 1668364702853.jpg (43.66 KB, 999x206, beey234321.jpg)

everything its forever somewhere else


What if you're actually beey himself?


Image is very true. I will begin spreading this online as if it was gospel.


File: 1668393118367.jpg (53.94 KB, 995x276, beey5432.jpg)

He is most likely dead by suicide, the last few posts on beey were pretty grim. And he seemed to be going a bit crazy.
Then at least his message will be spread and some suicides might be prevented.


What was the post that this was directed to?


File: 1668633942566.png (38.77 KB, 993x174, beaty.png)


Why do u care? are you some sort of queer?



Oh come now, that's just a too traditional insult. Try harder next time. <|⁰_⁰|>



I get it's a shitpost, and I get it's the internet, but fuck dude, why be cruel for the sake of cruelty?

Do you genuinely lack that much empathy?


lul is this archived?


Okie dokie, this guy is beey. You bastard! You seriously are still alive. Bring back beey.space!!!!



> why be cruel for the sake of cruelty?



What cruelty are you referring to? I see literally nothing that I'd consider even mean spirited.


File: 1668707619099.jpg (35.79 KB, 280x463, beeypills.jpg)

Beey its problaly dead this was the last imaged posted, unless… you are beey dun dun dun

I love how wirechan has its own little isolated culture.


Can someone explain who this beey guy is or was. And preferably in simplified speak, like I am five.


Lmao no



Thank you for your contribution, it is useless. :)


>Posts melancholic and angry schizoposting
>Final post is of a bag of pills
>It's like 1/3 of a gram of hydrocodone
>Hasn't been seen since
my man is definitely dead


File: 1668796299750.jpg (93.92 KB, 500x500, afe.jpg)

Mad at the internet


File: 1668806125192.gif (851.95 KB, 400x225, 71257ee5-18d7-461e-b39b-32….gif)


You're taking the gag completely the wrong way man, I ain't seriously asking you to "Explain It To Me Like I'm Five."
That phrase is a mother-hugging meme, always has been.


Sometimes imageboards are great. Someone who is on the same wavelength as you joins the discussion. You connect and share your thoughts and insights to each other. You feel connected and inspired by some random anon from the other side of the world. In the best case scenario those beautiful moments stay with you for the rest of your life.
Sometimes imageboards are not so great. You try to express your thoughts in a clear way to initiate a discussion. An anon enters and completely either ignores or fails to understand the content of your posts and the thread gets filled with angry insults and white noise.
All I can gather from your message is that my comment about IQ probably made you feel inferior, perhaps powerless, which in turn made you angry. Your post brings absolutely nothing of value to this thread (or Wirechan in general), quite the opposite. You did not respond to any of the content of my post, instead you chose to churn out a weak attack on my character.I made this thread to initiate discussion about the potential of a third world war, and make people consider that maybe it has already started. The world is different from what it was 80 years ago and wars are also fought differently. When I made the thread I was not looking for endless fighting about Poland's economy. This thread is more about geopolitics and war in the modern world.



Babe wake up, niche new copypasta dropped!


He ran a small textboard that also had an upload section which is where this >>4421 picture is from. The website was beey.space hence beeys space on the internet.


What happened to lurk more?


Where do you want to lurk? The site is gone.


>he doesnt know

Thanks for proving my point, now you will never know because you just couldnt keep your fingers in your pants



The usa should b[redacted]nize

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