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IS WIRED DEAD???!?!?!??


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We like it quiet


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We do love you, but perhaps it's time for a little 3-year lurking vacation?



(also stop with the avatar tulpa fagging its gonna ruin your life young man just go outside)


There's no rule against underage.


those are a lot of threads by the same person. i wonder why that is


People have been banned before for being underage lurk mor


File: 1664458471434.jpg (8.05 KB, 225x225, images (8).jpg)

>>4052 nice lurking, yay now you know my age congrats!!, and also avatar fragging is a way of life.


File: 1664478190776.jpg (588 KB, 1920x1285, 1664418875960859.jpg)

You lack any humility and understanding of imageboard culture (not only Wirechan's culture but in general).
It's been entertaining and refreshing to see someone new and clueless find their way here but I think at this point it's clear that your egotistic behavior and avatarfagging is having a negative effect. You see, these kind of forums are supposed to be anonymous and in most cases just using a nickname gets you banned.
Using an "avatar image" is especially cancerous and if I was the admin, I would have banned you immediately to try to teach you that lesson. Imageboards don't exist for you to promote your identity, your site, your music or your alter-ego, they exist for anonymous discussion devoid of the usual social limitations of the outside world. They are places for you to come and share your deepest thoughts without having to worry about your social status or your identity. Or sometimes just having a good, lighthearted time sharing comfy images is what it's all about. Either way, using names or avatars takes away from that experience from everyone.
This can understandably be a culture shock for a young, creative person like yourself who has grown up with social media. But you must understand that these places are an antithesis of all that.
You've already been told that you should LURK MOAR and you should take those words seriously, so you don't become like those tragic people who have been namefagging on boards for +10 years who think they are the shit, but in reality no-one cares. You can do all this avatar-chit-chat thing on Discord and it will be much more enjoyable for you.


I personally think VCXL is a breath of fresh air, but I see your points (which are well written) and I agree entirely.


I want VCXL to either assimilate or go away


You're new too homo



Gone but not forgotten fr fr


Is he dead???

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