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File: 1663337952585.png (277.58 KB, 640x361, Gumball confuse.png)


What is the male female ratio of wired chan.


male:female or female:male?


>>3983 Male:female, i dont expect a approx. answer but still, is it manly guys or gals on here


Unfortunately it's probably all lads and no lasses. I don't think many women would agree with the overuse of the slur "faggot" here, I really wish the majority of anons weren't vulgar 20/30-something Americans who think they are above everyone else. So yes, males.

From a British non-yank Male! XD


on danger/u/ its mainly females. they call each others "g/u/rls" an there are instances of femboys there too


>mainly females.

Hahaha sweet summer child


Why would it matter? Do you want us to post our driver's license too?


>>3988 sorry for asking questions my king i shall commit seppukku for my insolence.


According to the latest available data, there are Zero Male users and Zero female users. The ratio of Male to Female users is: NaN


File: 1663357478327.mp4 (917.84 KB, 468x352, lurk.mp4)

No need to be so dramatic, just watch this video file a few times and meditate on its meaning.


File: 1663467905735.jpg (232.47 KB, 1200x1096, boi.jpg)

>implying there are girls on teh interwebz


File: 1663472701028.jpeg (40.9 KB, 720x480, janeway.jpeg)

I am a squirrel and I find your thread silly.

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