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Why do furries exist, no offense. I just need a quick history lesson.


Creatures of slaneesh, corrupted in their youth either sexually or socially or both.

Suicide inducing behavior leading to social ostracization leading to more suicide inducing behavior, fixed with imaginary corrupted ideas of the self and pervesions of the flesh in a "perfect" immaterial world manufactured by their collective will.

Avoid at all costs, they mighve been human once but corruption runs deep, let their minds be their own fall.


No idea, I'm no teacher on internet sub-cultures. But I am a follower of all things in the fandom, even though I'm not a furry myself.

I know a great bunch of lads/lasses who aren't interested in that kinkier twitter shite. Going to a convention and fursuiting yourself sounds like a lot of fun to me.


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>>3942 Wow nice, such a articulative way to say furries are monsters



Here you go, a quick history lesson.



Faggot if your contribution to the thread is something easily googleble first results you should cease posting


Why do you wish to dress up as an animal and pretend you're a drawing?

Why not go out with your friends in a normal fashion?


I do not get that as a result if I search "furry history".



I thought I explicitly stated I am NOT a furry, if you continue putting your own prejudices first before hearing out someone on a discussion like this, you won't get very far.

Besides, like a coin, everything has it's merits, even fursuiting for example.

Don't jump the gun and shun something you know little about.


>Going to a convention and fursuiting yourself sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Why do you wish, not why do you do.

>Besides, like a coin, everything has it's merits, even fursuiting for example.



How is fursuiting up different from cosplay? I don't think they are hated for the costumes.


The difference is cosplay is something you do for a convention or photoshoot or instagram account and after you undress that shit youre done with it.
In reality most cosplayers are the same weird autists and if you go to a convention maybe 0.5% of the visitors are actually people with normally functioning brains.
Fursuits on the other hands are part of what furries call their furrsona. They see that as a part of their soul/personality and the fursuit is the physical manifestation of their schizopersona


Cosplay doesn't imply animal abuse

Also people are hated for cosplay wtf its all hoes fatties and they/them people.

The original nerd cosplay( you know the normal guy with a wife and kids, living in a suburban home)

Has been dead for eons.
Furries survive due to their inate corruption that keeps their shells going after the soul has been killed.


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Why is there a full on war in this thread, let me rephrase. small fire fight.



I know. You only have to say your pro-furry before a bunch of hateful anon come atcha. Bloomin' madness.


You will never be a real dog



Tell me something I don't know. (◔_◔)


Your dad
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Eat shit furry bich



Aww thanx guize, luv u too.


>>3979 Your a furry too?



used to be one, animals on two legs is cool. drawing animals on two legs interacting was fun and cheered me when I was a kid, I guess it's because I find animals more comforting than people.


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"Why do furries exist, no offense."

I, too, want to know why furries exist, but I DO intend to cause offense, unlike OP. See attached image for a rundown on the typical furry life situation and mental condition


From what I understand, furries exists because:
-People want to recreate or create their own, detachable identity. Specifically one that they have made from scratch. Humans have had a long fascination with animals and anthropomorphized humans. The internet allowed for near instant communication across large distances and the ability to others with the same extremely niche interests. Combine the three and you get furries. It was basically a right time, right place kind of deal.
Now that they are an already established group and we are even more connected than we previously were, they can better draw in people.
That's kinda what started this whole thing, is just losers who wanted their own, separable identity.
>creeps & pedos
These same kinds of people are also the same kind of people with identity issues. Not saying everyone person that struggles with identity is a pedophile. ON top of that, people are plugging into The Wired younger and younger. That naturally attracts pedos. It also causes said kids who get exposed to fringe furry fetishes and pedophilia to essentially get indoctrinated, leading to a downward spiral of depravity.
TL;DR, The industrial revolution and its consequences for mankind have been a disaster.


This post already answered everything stop necroing threads ratards

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