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I have decided to try no-fap for a month starting on the 14th. I am going to keep a diary here.
Day 1: 2022/08/14:
I slept all day, no fapping was possible
Day 2: 2022/08/15:
I kept my self busy with classes for most of the day. Never felt horny
Day 3: 2022/08/16:
Same thing as yesterday, but I felt horny for about 5 min at work for no reason
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last fap


For today?


I don't know how to stop fapping.


Self-discipline. You know exactly how to do it, although permanently quitting is probably undesirable.
The key is to control your urges rather than being controlled by them. That is what sets you free.


I think sometimes I geninuely enjoy watching hentai and porn. I'll look at porn or hentai sometimes for 10 hours straight without even touching myself at all.


Thats depornalization, your brain gets dope but without the actual happiness that comes with having an intimate relationship.


>having an intimate relationship
I haven't ever had one in my entire life. Hell, I haven't ever had really any close types of relationship. Never was close with any friends when I had friends. Same with family members. My mom and dad never gave a shit about me. When I attempted to have something to do with my dad later in life he straight up told me he thought I was well off and didn't think he needed to check on me while he gave me up for adoption. I was adopted by other family members who also didn't give a shit about me. Just weaseled their way to collecting a check not really wanting to have anything to do with me. I mostly just grifted around town growing up sleeping at people's houses. Sometimes after only knowing them for a day or two. Then moving on to the next person. Especially when I was smoking weed and would get high with them. Eventually everyone became adults and "grew up" as I just stayed the same. Never looking forward to anything just being a NEET and barely getting by being the loser that I was and still am. Losing friend after friend until their weren't any left. Now I just hang out on imageboards, watch porn, jerk off, play ROMs, watch anime/tv/movies every so often, and over caffienate myself on coffee having the shits. Sometimes I honestly do believe that I should just kill myself.


Get a job doing physical stuff, all of the retards and junkies do it, if you,re gonna sudoku anyway might as well do it. Just go to the interview high


Didn't Fap for a year, did a fap few days afterwards.
Needed to check everything still worked.
It did.
I don't care much about Fapping anynore, don't watch porn.
If some one looks pretty, thats all it is.
"All just means to attract and distract" -D.H.o.H.


I'd probably start getting a boner if I work with any women. Then maybe even start to jerk off in public. I have no self-control.


At first I was worried I would be the same way, but after a certain point you just stop caring as much. If you don't feed your brain porn you stop thinking about that kinda stuff all the time.

Yes. I work in a warehouse and they will hire literally anyone. Can't read or speak English? Hired. Literally retarded? Hired. Haven't passed a drug test in the past 10 years? Never even had a drug test. From my experience, physical jobs only really care if you show up on time and do your work, everything else they couldn't give a shit about.


Wtf, stay at home them and fap yourself to death, waht the fuck


Have you thought that maybe, you are a woman?

This could be hormonal balancing.


>"Guys I get too horny and lack self control which makes me worried I'll jack in public"
>you are a woman
>Because hormones


I've was obsessed with drawing naked people long before porn. I got in trouble in elementary school over it. I touched myself in the bath way before porn. I also was interested in seeing everyone naked that I could. I also was molested a couple of times over the years.

I don't live near warehouse jobs. I've never known anyone IRL that's had a warehouse job.

I've been doing that for over a decade now in a home that doesn't want me.

I went through a phase in my teens where I sucked dick and grew my hair out long wearing make up. It was long before the "trap" days. But I did it and if I were born earlier. I would have taken HRT and at least made some money being a BasedBoyBussy on Twitch or some shit.

I do sometimes feel like I have a phantom vagina under my balls. I've rubbed it raw before. It usually stays moist too. Could it be possible that I have a unclit like Chris Chan but mine is underneath the skin?


Just get a job programming, you won't have to see any woman for the rest of your life.


Im gonna start charging for these therapy sessions, go get some real friends


Take >>4722's advice and , if at all possible, consider some actual therapy sessions. Wirechan doesn't count. From my limited knowledge about psychology, some of this does sound like it could stem from childhood molestation/trauma. Which helping with that is one of the few actual use cases for counseling/therapy. Godspeed, Anon.


I hope to go throughout 2023 without fapping once a week it will be sex only


Aren't you worried about causing a pregnancy with all of that stored extra cum you'll be packing in your balls?


File: 1672517625030.png (57.5 KB, 640x480, sc.png)



Already too late for me. I fapped before coming to this board.


No Cum 2023
I am nofap man
684,458,342,129 SAVED SPERM CELLS




2023 day 7: I hate when i start thinking about just having sex with these girls i know are eazy but i actually hate, i think that should count as a fail if you just bust a nut on a quickie like that even if its technically sex.


>i think that should count as a fail if you just bust a nut on a quickie like that even if its technically sex.
Your personal challenge, your personal rules. At the end of the day, it's a challenge about self control and fighting temptations. Therefore, if fucking easy girls is a temptation of yours, then not fucking them should be a goal.


Day 8 feeling pretty good, but late i night i have horny thoughts. But its sex only so i will not succumb.


I'm going to fap here in a few. I downloaded a very nice 9x9 splitscreen 20 minute video of women shitting.


you can close this tab and never come back you know :)


Imagine this person is your son



This place is a deep recess of twisted humanity, without the humanity.


Are you telling me, a veteran that I'm not welcome here on wirechan any longer?

I don't think men in their 70s get on wirechan.


I am talking in real life, you are somebody son in real life.


I've been thinking a lot about how life would be different if I was never exposed to porn. Or at least exposed now and not when I was 13. Would I not want to fap as much? Would I fantasize about sex less? Would I be more or attracted to irl women? Would I fantasize about meeting my soulmate instead of fucking some broad?
These questions don't keep me up at night but they do make me think that unrestricted internet access has ruined me to an extent.
Idk late night ramble post; this is why we need the ability to sage.


Been no fapping since the beginning of the year, i like it.

There is no point to sage if every one of your posts are quality posts.



Really thinking about fapping today; the urge is strong. If I do I'll at least make it a training exercise on holding in the dick sneeze. Should I ever get a GF I don't want to condition myself into being a one minute wonder.


>The only coomer material I still have left is some polaroids
I finally threw them out; I feel truly free.


Were back on this


Is it November already?


April Cum Showers Brings May Mushroom Mold Flowers!!!


I just can't stop falling, i want to die


>Were back on this
>Is it November already?
Doesn't have to be
>I just can't stop falling, i want to die
You only truly fail when you stop trying. PLs don't die you can succeed if you're dead.
TBH I need to get back on no-fap, I have relapsed pretty hard in the past few weeks.


were all gonna make it, try fasting




doing good so far


its nor really an issue u guys are just making things harder for urself.


I only do it once a week and still think its an issue, i hope that every body can stop their fapping problems


>I only do it once a week and still think its an issue.
Same. I am definately doing a lot better than I was though. I need to get back on that shit I was on when I went 1 month straight. It's the little steps though. Maybe I'll be able to go 1.5 or 2 weeks


File: 1684991453190.jpg (159.99 KB, 487x2048, ac2bc7b0-12c0-4b43-8867-64….jpg)

doing good so far

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