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Do you use any other chans/imageboards besides this one? Any forums?


If I did, I wouldn't tell you, dataminer. Obviously I use our affiliates.


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I like /kind/!


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Used to scroll /sn/ on 2ch a long time ago… Then It became boring.
Hopped to 4chan… Also got bored after a while…
Probably this is the last site, to which despite it's slowliness I keep coming to.


File: 1659213062232.jpg (44.96 KB, 500x375, sexuallyrepressedwoman.jpg)

All of them.


I'm pretty new to this side of the internet, so I bookmark basically every single one I find. I especially like /kind/, kissu.moe, and 28chan (and of course this site).


Do you still like /kind/ I feel it used to be better on their first "instances". Now it's kind of abandoned imo, wouldn't you say?


I never used it's first instance (I don't know if instance is the right word, isn't it a completely different admin?), but I definitely wouldn't say it's abandoned.


It had an influx of new users recently and is currently more active than this site.


File: 1659290287991.jpg (63.59 KB, 236x354, zu-chill.jpg)

https://laguna.cafe has a pretty aesthetic theme but is dead af fyork you'd think anrkists would jump on that but they can't let go of fedbook i guess


I don't browse as much as i want but i lurk here and on 4chan, and sometimes sushigirl and lainchan, i don't use forums but i would like to knew more


I've only found a couple of classic forums that are still active, and even less of quality. I don't know if there's just less of them, or if it's because the culture of forums tends to be more insular than imageboards, or if I just haven't lurked in the right parts of hte net for long enough.


I use Lainch*n, 2kind and Uboachan. You can find more boards at https://github.com/ccd0/imageboards.json


The only board I use that hasn't already been mentioned is A2B2.org. its a different style of image board tho.
it was made by one of the guys from deathgrips so i guess expect that kind of weird


friendboards ftw


Maybe this fits here as I have integrated two links with chan-lists on the page. Thanks to >>3753 btw for the second.
What do you think about my /cyber/-related website. Anything missing, anything too much?


Very nice fren.


Finally another anarcho board. Who remembers 0chan?
That makes me think of another website made by musicians, but it's more of a forum. I will post it when I find it.


Beautiful site thank you.

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