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I hate life. I hate the people around me. I hate classes and I hate everyone I know. I can't stand being alive, but I don't want to die. If I could fast-forward 10 years I would- and if I didn't like where I am there? I can always connect to the wired.


>I hate the people around me
the people around you reflect yourself, even if all of them are superficial biggots, you have to become a schway OG in order to attract schway OGs.
>I hate classes
Skip them or just play the game. Its so easy to be top 10% everywhere you are, because most people dislike where they are. Just play the to their rules and make the best out of it, it will be useful to you later. Or skip the classes and develope the you yourself that will also be useful to you later. But not wanting to be where you are, being below average, playing by their rules but not caring about winning, youre being constructed for a long future as a worker bee that is used to wasting their time 9to5 in a job he hates. But not thinking about breaking out because its been like that always. Do something about it. Stop whining on anime websites.
>I cant stand being alive
Everyone has been there, life is about winning against death for as long as possible, its a fight, its a trouble, only when your life is secure you and safe you start inventing new problems because you as a lifeform need the daily struggle in order to survive, thats what living creatures do. Make your own problems or otherwise your psyche is going to invent them itself. Set goals and go towards them, whatever it is, if you invent your own struggle, nothing else matters.
>If I could fast-forward 10 years I would
You have to learn to take responsibility for your future. Otherwise go on 4chan incelboards and see where this mindset will bring you, if you dont take responsibility and grab your problems by the pussy, they will just stay your problems, even in 10 years.
>i can always connect to the wired.
And the wired will always be here for you, baby


>I can always connect to the wired.
We'll always be here for you, anon
>I can't stand being alive, but I don't want to die.
Please stick it out, one day it will get better, or you'll find the path you need to take to make things better.
>I hate life.
Change it. Ik there's a lot to hate about life that's outside the control of the individual, but there's just as much that is controllable by the individual. Find it, and change it.


nothing ever changes or stays the same. accept this irony and keep on keepin on. why? why not?


>If I could fast-forward 10 years I would
>go on 4chan incelboards and see where this mindset will bring you
>they will just stay your problems, even in 10 years
>i can always connect to the wired
I feel the same as OP and this anon here couldn't be more correct. I have been wasting every single day of my life here in the wired mostly browsing throughout all of the imageboards and textboards I can come across. Literally every day since January 10th, 2010. Which even before then I had wasted quite a bit of time on 4chan since as far back as 2007. I finally stopped getting on 4chan a few years ago. But have heavily replaced that with just more altchans, textboards, and IRC channels. Sure the first few years weren't too bad. I just mostly shitposted, had fun, could recognize a few anons and they could recognize me through our personal styles. I was cooming 5-6 times a day and watching all sorts of ecchi anime and playing vidya. Life was pretty good. Then after a few more years things started to pile up. I was getting older and being treated differently by those I live with. Fast forward to 10 years. The Hikki/NEET incel problem child I was is now almost 27 years old. No experiences outside of high school other than the wired. No social media, no real friends or even online friends. Just experiences through imageboards, random content online, and consuming random shit that I torrent/download. Shut up in a room where I fap my depression away almost once every hour until I just can't do it anymore. Now I'm almost 30 years old still sitting here wasting away on the wired. I love my misery too much to end the cycle. Who knows where I'll be in the next five years. Still here? Homeless? Dead? Who the fuck knows…..


Stop fapping retard go outside and make some friends before its too late, once you're past 30 its gonna get pretty hard to do


What would your advice be to a 37 year old anon with no friends? I had a few people that I would talk to online but I got &b from those communities due to differences in ideologies.


Why did you got banned exactly for? Differences in ideology could be anything. Are you sure its not because of the way you are? The way you act and/or present yourself? Because 37 and no friends that probably the reason, you are being yourself too much and you yourself as a person probably sucks to be around.


don't power-level anon…


I guess I give off that aura simply be not following societial norms and modern communication methods. I don't see how that makes me a shitty person.

For an example, I can relate with this post.

I have chosen not to use any social media accounts. I primarily have discussions through forums, imageboards/BBS, IRC, XMPP, and even open to emailing others. I did end up reinventing myself during the 2010s and had a new group of friends IRL when I played a few tabletop games at this shop. I don't have my license or a car so I relied heavily on being picked up. Which I did compensate the driver through gas money whenever I got a ride. One problem that stemmed oddly enough was that nobody liked the fact that I wouldn't eat out with everyone. I packed myself a lunch/dinner so that way I could save money to parttake in the events or provide gas money towards anyone who was willing to bring/take me back and forth. People also hated the fact that they had to call my home phone or send an email to me due to not owning a cell phone or using Facebook/Instagram like the rest of them. Simply due to me not relying on the same social practices and norms as everyone else I became alienated quickly with these guys. As I posted above about not following norms. Seems that people have a lot of problems with me due to these factors by default. I notice once and a while there's someone around my age that posts similar experiences. Maybe it's just that during my time growing up we simply were fine with the way that things were and didn't need all of these new concepts in our lives for various reasons. Rather be it for privacy, expenses, and/or the lack of interest entirely.


I don't think you know what power level is


>not following societial norms and modern communication methods
>I don't see how that makes me a shitty person

It doesn't make you a shitty person, it just makes you a shitty person to be around.

Not saying you should follow everything but not following societial norms and modern communication methods could be anything from not using social media and screaming and shitting in your own mouth after someone asks you a question.

>I don't have my license or a car so I relied heavily on being picked up.

Thats ok from 16 to 21 but after that its a real hindrance in your friend group unless you live close enough that its not a hassle to pick you up, get a bike if you really don't want to drive.

>to not owning a cell phone

This i never understood, i have no social media outside checking some forums and imageboards but even being a techtard i have a burner phone that i dont really use for anything except for texting with normies. You don't even need a smartphone any 2000s phone(with a keyboard preferably) and boom everybody can contact you fast and you dont have to do any gay instagram shit.

You sound like you have autism, nobody its gonna change what they do to accept you if you don't do the same. And if you are an autist tard you're gonna be the guy that gets picked to be around(probably by failed normies) instead of picking the people you want until you change yourself. You are the problem, Nothing can be changed except ourselves. Stop expecting the world to change for you, you will get trampled.


Powerleveling means spilling your beans, which its what you're doing


Not anon, but I have a few things to add.
How can one not leak power from their levels once they have become redpilled? I for one see it impossible. I sperg out when I'm around "normies" for too long due to their oblivious nature to not seeing what's right in front of them. That one meme about seeing everything as psyops is true when it comes to just about everything. I stay isolated a lot intentionally due to having freak outs when exposed to the real world for too long.


File: 1676368342049.jpg (49.8 KB, 900x900, photo-2385898005.jpg)

The goal its to convert normies and have your own non pozzed society not to isolate yourself to the point you cannot function as a human being.
It does require that you raise CHA but its like playing on hard mode, if you are a scrub git gud or go play something else.


>I sperg out when I'm around "normies"

Can you film that and post here? Its probably pretty funny.


why did you get banned?

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