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This is a pretty tiny forum, not something that you'd likely find from a search engine unless you already knew about it. So how'd you end up here? I took a pretty round about path, I found Rainchan (rip) while searching random phrases on the tor network, and someone there mentioned Wirechan and Lainchan. I checked them out and decided I really liked this site. As it happened I had just watched SEL a few weeks before finding this site.


One of the affiliates.


Been here so long I forget where I come from


I can't remember, I think I was always just here


I looked up the URL on Lain's coolant system inthe anime. From that I found a wiki list of fan sites. This site was on that list.


hmm now that I think about it, I also forgot it. It's been a year or 1.5 since I'm here. Not that it matters


Me and a friend would go into a voice chat, press play on the episode at the same time, and watch it on our computers. I never did finish the show, but we both stopped it when we saw that gauge.

I realize we could have just streamed it to one another, but this way was, just, more fun. We didn't even like plan it out, it just worked out that way.


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>press play on the episode at the same time
We use this with my online friends, it synchronizes your players: https://syncplay.pl/


I did that on 7th generation console as a teenager when they took away Netflix viewing parties, in which we watched shitty B-movies to last any normal person a life time.


Site was name dropped randomly in the middle of a discussion on another website. Decided to check it out and liked what I saw.


was looking for lain wallpapers and somehow this site came up


Someone rang the buzzer and said I had to come downstairs to sign for a package, and when I did, they pushed me into a car and dropped me off here.


I don't even remember anymore. I just found it in my bookmarks.


hope this works this time
i keep a catalog of all the chans i find websurfing, it used to be pretty big but i think i deleted my homepage on accident so now i just have an unsorted list of comfy channels, this one caught my eye for whatever reason recently. it reminds me of something, but i don't know what in particular

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