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Have you ever been in love, anon?


I don't know what it is.


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one time, that's all
I was thinking about it today actually. I was a sperg high school student so I didn't have much luck socially in general, after that I decided to stop wasting my time and withdraw from concepts like friendship and romance, that people were no good anyway and that I would just end up betrayed no matter how I sliced it. I spent a while like that, long enough that I didn't really understand what was happening until I was a few months into the relationship with the girl who was somehow able to break me off from that. She told me pretty much every time we were together how much she loved me and how "perfect" I was.
Then she ghosted me without a word and I was left to be confused and heartbroken, and when I went after her for either an explanation or an apology (I deserved both but either would sate me) the only thing I ever heard back was "stop stalking me." That got me messed up because the girl who initially proved me wrong about my convictions got deep enough into my head to turn around and prove them twice as right again. That's just bad luck.
Anyway, that was a while ago, and torture as it may have been, two months ago I thought I was finally over it. But lately I've been hallucinating her around, and having bad dreams, so I guess I'm not quite over it yet. It's pretty emasculating.


cheer up buddy. it gets better I promise. I loved a girl once. we were together for 3 years. We broke up 6 years ago and it took me 5 to get over it. You have to just let her go. I know it sounds like generic advice but find a way to occupy your time in a healthy way- build yourself up. You will find love again.


>You have to just let her go.
I really thought I did and I think I still do. I don't know what to do. It's like if you told me to walk in a straight line, and I looked down at my legs and they were moving, but nothing around me is changing, then I know I'm standing still but since my legs are already moving I don't know what else to do to start walking.
>find a way to occupy your time in a healthy way- build yourself up.
I've been studying like a madman recently. It's not adding up to much yet but I have access to so much information that it could be a miracle.
>You will find love again.
I'm not holding my breath, I really don't care anymore. I developed some kind of schizophrenia a month after the conclusion, but it's good luck that it's the positive African type, I witness a lot of nice imaginary people and animals.


this only happened in your head


Why do you say that?


because he is a fool


because of your halucinogenic tendencies


I found screenshots of romantic conversations with her in the recycle bin of one of my hard drives, it wasn't a delusion.


how do you know that wasnt you tripping also


Is this middle school philosophy? Shut the fuck up, same way as you know you aren't dreaming right now. I don't and neither do you.


thats not how tripping works, if you knew you aint tripping


based schizo poster


i don't think so, I don't even know what love is, I guess that makes me pathetic. Everytime i try to get close to a girl i like i find out something about her that puts me off and then i ghost her. Sometimes i ask myself if i even want to be in love…

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