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To response of somebody bringing up that sexual dimorphism exist in humans and the stat saying that grown men cry around 50% less then women or children.

>Males have wider tear ducts so it requires more tears before it actually shows. Males being generally larger it doesn't necessarily have any evolutionary advantage it just is what it is. If anything it's a hinderance because tears signal distress and if those signals aren't given off it causes problems for the distressed who may need help.

I need to tell me, wire. Is this a troll? How is it possible for a person to be blinded by pedophile indoctrinatio- I mean gender studies to be so blind to the nature of a statistic. How the fuck would the amount of tears coming from a person's eye effect the number of total cries? Wouldn't a tear, of course being bigger from the amount of tear water inside of tear, be noticed as a cry? Even more so by the amount of tear water and the size of the tear it self. Unless this person implies that that the person implies that tears build up in till there is enough to produce a tear. In that case, wouldn't a singular tear be produced at a time? One tear per cry. Maybe the person was confused that I meant the amount of crying, tear production, that a person produces?

Another thing that Lain anon forgot to think about. Why the would hunters mess up their vision by crying. But bUt Butubusifiaibavi nbvune you transphobe, sexsit bvsiisajhgipqeuww0qe there must be women hunters toooooooo because the modern gender roles are in forced by someone that no one can name for some reason. Something along those lines.

What does wire have to say about this? Why would a person have such a need to illuminate the differences between the sex? It makes no sense.


I don't really see why would you bring this here, but keep in mind that these "evolutionary" justifications are usually completely made up and almost always boil down to "I have no proof whatsoever but it aligns with my expectations therefore it must be true". Instead of trying to make up things about the past you should study the archaeological evidence if it exists. If it doesn't, just admit that we don't know.

Anyway this is not lainchan so please keep your beef on that site.


go back


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Yes hmmmmm yes 99.99999999% of these hunters were men. Now color me surprised. It is like the name hunter-gatherer means something but I am not sure cause dogmatic obviously dogmatic. You know estrogens not causing aggression but instead calms a person. Stupid me didn't know that would be the best for hunting megafauna in the Neolithic.



Shit it is almost like the sexes evolved differently based off their roles in relation to their role in child birth.



Good idea



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More genius from the the person who brought you the last the last quote

>Penis envy wasn't because of their sex it's because the role in society men were given as construct. This possibly caused some women to emulate men even try to pass as a man in some cases in attempt to be viewed as if they were in that societal role that has more allowed control over others and more freedom. Later this shifted away from trying to emulate men to wanting to do away with gender roles which places unfair restrictive expectations on men and women.

Constructed by who? Was there a man who was like "yes we need to conquer the other half of our species which is just as strong as us. A feet we done extremely easily even though women are just as strong as us". Man does this shit ever get thought through.

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