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Is the GED worth it?

GED could just be taken in like a year or two and teach all that high school supplies besides maybe memories and social connections. So why does high school exist or if exist, takes as long that it does, 4 years?


GED ain't shit if you're going to college. Plus there's a stigma around it that'll make people think you're a crayon muncher. But yeah it's not a problem if you're planning on attending Harvard Extension School early. The truth is most people aren't much good at learning what's expected of them on their own.


if you want a job thats not mcdonalds yea



I get the stigma, you know relation to pic related. But it bring fourth a true that most over look. HIGH SCHOOL COULD BE DONE IN 4 TEST. It proves that how the youth are educated are mostly a waste. The same amount of education could be done in less time and leave more time for more important things like studying for college or a trade. Does high school exist just for tradition, so them kids can make friends and have them memories? In that case, it is a retarded waste of everyone's goddamn time.

How high school teaches their subjects and conduct it self is retarded. How is anybody going to learn from some pounce mumbling some boring ass subject? Couldn't they just hand the kid a transcript of what this boring, erectile having ass, has to say? On top of that. How is anybody suppose to learn when they put obviously incompatible students in the same building for a day. How do the people managing this think this is at all efficient.


File: 1624955114691-0.jpg (15.53 KB, 693x426, IQ-Bell-Curve-w-Scores.jpg)

File: 1624955114691-1.jpg (49.07 KB, 880x480, Charlie-DAY.jpg)

Why don't they just teach all the kids speed reading and give them summaries of the subjects that is being taught. Do this for each subject as the point of high school is general education to hone it in on a specific one in college or trade school.

A major point of the process of education and general education is to remember and utilize the subject matter. A class is not a place to memorize jack fucking shit. Wouldn't a silent room with out retarded class clowns, faggot teachers telling the students to follow some retarded as rules and a stale ass walls of a class room.

I am convinced, CONVINCED, that high school is only meant to send school to manual labor and war. It is a need for a large part of the population to do that, so the general people, the general public, whos youth are enrolled in public schools, to fulfil that. A population already poor and of average intelligence are a perfect fit. The mid range go to get their high school diploma and maybe college, the bottom fail and or get the GED but what does the top do. The top tells this broken 100+ year institution to go fuck it self because it is made for manual labor training and to fulfill some traditional fantasies of the parents enrolling these kids.


File: 1624955248963-0.jpg (10.73 KB, 224x225, download.jpg)

File: 1624955248963-1.jpg (737.11 KB, 2505x3898, Prospect-Research-Rabbit-H….jpg)

What the upper percentile, and the mid percentile if they realize what I realize, is to go take a general test for high school. That would make the most sense, would it not? The problem here is the fact that the bottom percentile fucked it and gave a bad association of a GED student. Why? Well a HS possible juvenile delinquent flunky tard couldn't have thought of just doing high school in one go broken up into 4 part. Somebody telling these retards to go out and do this test and take the smarter root. Now what fucking smart, not to smart enough, retard thinks of doing that. I have think there is a plan behind this because we know that everyone, not just the drool brained flunkies, should be doing a test like this.

The idea of transcripts to study and lesser time with in the days have is not a new idea, it was proposed by B.F. Skinner.

An epiphany can to me while I was writing this. The reason why high school is not streamlined in shortened into transcripts and generalized test is because this basic principle. All college degrees must give an equal amount of money back from it self or it would be pointless. A person who gets a degree in a subject must have a job with the same or more amount of money coming back. I notice this with philosophy. Philosophy majors can't use their career to get a job that isn't just teaching philosophy or writing philosophy books. To get money they much create a way to teach what they have learned and on top of that, make it required.

If you could just do school with out teachers then teachers would not have a use. So to keep people away from this way that make the teachers obsolete they gave it a bad association by recommending it to the idiots and the criminals.


File: 1624955666221-0.jpg (42.31 KB, 468x318, gang-culture.jpg)

File: 1624955666221-1.jpg (9 KB, 257x196, images.jpg)

File: 1624955666221-2.jpg (23.9 KB, 720x404, https___s3-images.ladbible….jpg)

File: 1624955666221-3.jpg (5.51 KB, 299x168, The great wiggito.jpg)

File: 1624955666221-4.jpg (18.19 KB, 300x225, gangs-in-black-america-300….jpg)


For got the pic relate/s


because highschool its day care for dumb teenagers so that they are supervised instead of been doing dumb shit, imagine if all teens didnt go to school the shitshow it would be



This and the fact that teachers need jobs proves my point further.

Teacher shill this forum of general high school level education to the retards so the mid IQs go to there institutions instead so they don't look like idiots on their resume and job application.



It sounds like the work of a little tribe called the J-*gets tackled by /redacted/ personnel of unknown origin*


If you know how stupid the average person really is, then you shouldn't be going around saying such things. Clearly you've never tried teaching anyone what they needed to know in a classroom. Most overlook your truth because it doesn't hold true for the vast majority of people. Finland has one of the best public education systems in the world, and you'd just have them do away with it all. Even the super competitive and test hungry East Asian countries aren't that crazy.

>How is anybody suppose to learn when they put obviously incompatible students in the same building for a day.

In other words, bring back classroom segregation for the black kids!
>studying for college
So you want to produce even more elites that will end up being underemployed.

Standardized testing isn't that great because then you will have teaching to the test. With the internet, it's already concerning enough that few people actually know things instead of looking it up.

If things were even slightly more efficient, most people's eyes would bleed. The emphasis on efficiency is such that we're already heading into neo-feudalism as it is. Institutions are indispensable amidst this. The arts and humanities which make life worth living need to be subsidized by more profitable fields.


High school is obviously not intended for the smart winners, but usually those are still the same people that manage to make the most out of it despite their complaints. These are the kids that already have a side gig as teens making almost as much as adults do. Bright people do just fine for the most part, and those the ones that actually matter to the economy.

You get what you pay for: public education is the bare minimum and a necessary evil. Put your money where your mouth is and try to homeschool a kid of your own with your own self-proposed curriculum. You must remember that even the ancient philosophers studied at academies although they were very different from our schools.

You think you're smart for realizing literacy and mass conscription go together because of the social contract since the French Revolution? Things are the way they are for a reason, and they're slowly but surely changing in the 21st century because university was never meant to be vocational school. Go find out what nobles do with their children.

Child prodigies do not take the GED. They skip grades and even then they have maturity issues.

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