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Is anyone here familiar with the TSUKI Project? Or Systemspace?
I want to bring the site back to life.
Not necessarily the whole suicide-cult/ARG/Schizo-enabling aspect, although it might be an interesting lore background for my idea of it's new use as a sister lainboard.

The site design is the comfiest fucking thing I've ever laid eyes on.
I'd need help as I'm not great at web design, but I will fund the shit out of it.
Can anyone help me out?



Are you a fellow migrant?
My EiD was 1241
Kinda miss those days


No that was the most autistic shit ever, i was just there to take screenshots, archive and laugh at the retards.


you can't just "bring it back to life". it's not dead, most migrants have simply moved on and all that's left of it are separate splinters, consisting mostly of people who were very loyal to the project.

if you're talking about creating something "similar" then that's a different story, but i doubt it'd go far.


systemspace is dead, lucacord supreme


….I guess?

I just want a functional board :c


File: 1623916929182.jpg (15.13 KB, 388x409, 1588047830229.jpg)

Who is he?


I was too. Mine was 5216. I still miss 2017.


File: 1634018558153.png (28.44 KB, 500x354, register.png)

EID 2207 here.
There is a TSUKI spinoff project, but it's in its really early stages and only has a small development team, if that.
Will post the link if there's interest.

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