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To say

Morality is FAGS


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Mans gotta eat


Is there any phrase dumber than "Mans gotta eat"?




File: 1621464237368.jpg (51.69 KB, 406x360, slappyface.jpg)

I am not a phrase you fucking retard, I'm a gotdamn post!


File: 1621465255776.jpg (340.89 KB, 2000x1000, gotdamyesido.jpg)

kariba dam


"Its not a phrase mooooom its who i am"



They she gets a surprise hug from Frida Nietsche, Frida says "you know who isn't a spook, you are". Maxi stirner blushes "Nietzsche-chan why do y-y-you gotta be such a s-s-spoke". Nietzsche-chan was like "what are we, we are hyperboreans" and kisses Stirner-chan. Blushes more still, Stirner looks away bashfully and says "nothing matters to me". "This is untrue and you know it Stirner-chan. "Well um-… u.." in a fit of bashful net and nervousness she looks away. They got married and died of an insanity from an STD because nietzsche chan is a whore.


"Morality is a spook" she says with a smirk. She walks up to Nietzsche-chan, "Oh Nietzsche chan,how is your head ache, is feeling better?". "Ya um not really th-" before Nietzsche chan could fish her words, Stirner chan pics her and kisses her. "It doesn't interest me at all, I don't care actually about your head ache" Stirner chan giggles out, setting her fuck girl down. She proceeds to steal Nietzsche's type writer, she says " what is the problem with stealing?". She then throws it Karl marx's head and calls him a "stupid communist bitch". She then takes her tits out and says in a bitchy tone "you will never in your miscible life touch these".
She exclaims loudly "these are only for dem bbbbased females". "Why are you doing this though?" says Karl "I suck big poop covered dicks for fun Marx.



Eat? yes indeed, your food, my food, his food, all is mine. No one else matters.


This absolute spiral of autism


is this the first draft of atlas shrugged


I found it amusing.


Get out of the internet



This highbrow humor website might suit you more


muh reddit
The state of LARPing autists


File: 1622108871198.jpg (64.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-6.jpg)

It's not that we are LARPing
It's more like you don't have a sense of humour as refined as us, so everything that looks too obtuse you end up calling autism.
Look deep inside of you and see if you can let your so called autism live




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