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What are you dreaming about? Do you believe that they have a meaning?
Maybe someone knows how to lucid dream?


I don't really often a lot, but last night I was sick and dreamed that my roommate returned home.
Anyways talking about lucid dreaming: I once met this guy who couldn't properly sleep for like a year or so and went to see a psychologist. She kind off got him to lucid dream in order to have something to look forward to when sleeping. He basically told me what to do and it took like 1 months until I started dreaming lucidly.
The first thing is: You need to make a habit out of checking if you're asleep. There are different checks for that, for example pushing your index-finger into your hand. If it goes through your hand, guess what you're sleeping. But besides doing that check-gesture multiple times a day, you also need consciously think about if you are really awake right now and if your surroundings seem odd.
When this habit is deep down within you, you'll eventually do it in a dream and break through it, find out it's a dream and be able to control it.
The next thing is the writing. Surprisingly even if you don't dream, if you take that attitude of "now I'll start writing down all my dreams immediatly" you'll suddenly start dreaming/remembering your dreams and that becomes pretty frequent. For example I am a really deep sleeper, I don't wake up to anything really until it's morning. But when I did this I woke up everytime I had a dream, wrote it down and fell back asleep again. It really helped to have a smartphone for that, because you don't need to stand up and turn the lights on. The next morning you've gotta re-read it and even though some memories will go lost, you'll end up remembering a lot of dreams.
If you've got the combination of those 2 things straight, you'll lucid dream. The first times you start to realize that you are dreaming, you'll get so excited, you'll wake up.


The other day I dreamt that I looked into a mirror and was fat, with double chin and everything. Maybe it was a warning.

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