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File: 1619620571181.png (277.68 KB, 768x300, lain_banner1.png)


This site just a cheap ripoff of lainchan you faggots.


Humanity is just a ripoff from monkeys, who gives a shit


File: 1619641236916.jpeg (65.91 KB, 960x540, angry.jpeg)

It is not a cheap ripoff. Even though people don't come here often the posting quality is pretty high.
Wirechan is an original idea and nice place to go to.
Unlike lainchan that seems like a cheap ripoff of wirechan


File: 1619706928949.jpg (341.88 KB, 1000x750, 57.jpg)

I don't know, but everywhere I go I hear that the mods of lainchan are either trannies or minors (not that I'd care as long as they'd make a good job).
I've been around lainchan a few times and the only thing I really like about it is the radio, which is pretty slick. The rest really seems very "I'm 14 and this is deep"-ish. It doesn't feel comfy, wirechan does, for me, so I like it over lainchan.
The OP just transfers the concept of intellectual property into the digital world, which is an example of what kind of people I don't want to be around with. Wirechan feels a lot purer in terms of people not bitching about their weird relationships towards secular points of views.
Information is free, concepts are free, data is free and OP isn't because he's trapped in a cramped mindset induced by big corpos and television.
We like to go to this place like other people prefer one cola-taste softdrink over the other. It doesn't matter who was first, recipes are unpossessable schemes.
If you don't enjoy it because it's not original enough in your opinion, you're free to be butthurt. If this offends you, I see why people say lainons are minors.


OP its a newfag that started using the internet in the early 2010s



I just wish we could all be friends






File: 1620075231328.jpg (34.31 KB, 480x360, unity.jpg)



I never cared about "x imageboard is bad/became bad/is derivative" because i employ this technique, were i go on all of them, look at the good threads and ignore the rest (apart from this one).


File: 1620125234831.png (98.4 KB, 306x412, 1620123191584.png)

The award goes to Anon.

Care about the threads not the users!
~Anon 2021

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