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COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE!

The very concept of germs/viruses has never been proven: https://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/you-cannot-catch-bugs-germs-bacteria-or-candidafungi/

COVID19 is fake and is being used to create a new world order, a one-world government: http://tapnewswire.com/2020/09/ultimate-proof-covid-19-was-planned-to-usher-in-the-new-world-order/


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Corona-chan is HOT


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wtf, i was just reading older threads and this is what i see


OP is right for the wrong reason



I had to take the vax because at the time i was in a difficult financial situation + Some pressure from the family, i and am pretty sure i had myocarditis while excercising.

What does wirechan thinks about the whole covid ordeal since its pretty much over now?


I have been vaxxed twice, so the initial full dosage. For me it was common sense that madicine can have problems so I waited until dozens of millions of people have been vaxxed first and there were no major complications.
I still feel having kinda being forced/manipulated into taking the vax because I was never afraid of covid, I dont go out a lot and I needed the jabs to do sports. Which was directly intertwined with my lifegoal.
No complications though a friend of mine had a myocarditis, mid twenties. So dying in the next 10 years for him is 50% if vax myocarditis is equal to viral myocarditis.
My girlfriend has some periodical complications and I really hope its because she switched her prevention method which can fuck up hormone cycles.
All in all it just made me sad that the protovaxxer and the proto antivaxxer couldnt have serious conversations. I always thought the antivaxxers had a lot of interesting arguments but for them everyone with a jab was part of some evil demonic force, while for vaxxers every nonvaxxed was some nazi biggot.
Media did a good job in splitting people against each other.
In public, where you didnt want to be denounced as a nazi, I've always chosen to be at least as honest as to say that I as a nerd could understand a lot of the antivaxxer arguments from the perspective of privacy issues and that we have to understand where they come from in their argumentations. I think I couldnt make an impression with that argument on a single person. People really have been poisened, but in the mind.
We don't need to speak about hundreds of lies that have been directly told, how wrong mandatory vaccines are or that you cant participate in the social life without apps. I went on vaccation during covid, when the doublevax was still fresh. I couldnt enter shops or restaurants because they wouldnt accept my official papers. Only QR Codes.

I'm pretty sure myocarditis isnt a one time happening. If you have it, it gets worse and worse until you collapse.


You can recuperate from myocarditis the same way people recuperate from cancer, the thing, is how long does the vaccine stays on the body since it creates spike proteins. The spike proteins from covid cause myocarditis regardless of vax or not however the vax makes it so that your immune system takes it directly instead of the usual channels.



The whole covid thing was gay, i got pressured into the vax and that only really made me look closely to my health and not to give a fuck about most things, ive been living life to the fullest since them and dont really care about society anymore, went down a rabbit hole and went from transhumanist to fully anti globohomo.



Do ya mean gay as in "happy"? cos if you're referring to the pandemic in the obvious meaning, that don’t make a lotta sense.


gay question, gay implicative


I think he means gay as in "bad" or "wack"


Time for my schizo rants about corona

Schizo theory 1:

Corona was a bio weapon in making that was accidentally let out of the wuhan lab, the vaccines were initially made to prevent it but later on co-opted by the amount of money + control it has made, that would explain early super scary lockdowns and people not really caring anymore, it would also explain the difference between unvax:0-1 vax vaxxed: 2 vax Up to date: booster 2 vax was the straw that broke so now the boosters arent really being forced on you like the vax was now we know covid its pretty much a gnarly flu. through some lying vax companies still make money some control WEF freaks still push the boosters but have lost the popular support. The side effects were know but not the purpose of it, they just did not know the extents and prioritized money + control

Schizo theory 2:

Corona was a bio weapon in making that was purposefully let out of the wuhan lab, the vaccines are some sort of population control or soviet style election support, that would not explain early super scary lockdowns and people not really caring anymore, but it would explain why the vax was being pushed so much, it also does not explain the need for more than 1 vax or boosters(unless our immune system was too good even for the vax) it would not explain also why they wouldnt push harder against the unvax now, since lots of them are blacks, crackheads or completely opposed to globo homo. The difference between unvax vaxxed and Up to date also makes no sense since the boosters while more dangerous are more dangerous in a percentile chance(the vax messes up your immune system for a bit but it comes back to normal after a while thats why they need repeated shots) so every time you take you have a percentage of catching something really bad for you or covid which causes myocardits(they also inject the spike protein into you raising the chances) there is still a good chance you can survive the boosters by being a healthy individual. Through some lying vax companies still make money some control WEF freaks still push the boosters but have lost the popular support. The side effects were know and were the purpose of it. We are after all going into a economic recession.

Schizo theory 3:

Some rich technocrat or group decided to push mrna tech in search of immortality, Corona purposefully made for the vax, the vaccines were made to test out different mrna effects and used the pandemic as their scapegoat give the different manufactures and strains, dr fauci is part of this group and has tried this before, that would explain most things except the fact that nobody really developed benign side effects or why most of the vax are in the first world instead of africa or someplace people wouldlt really care or know people are dying. The side effects were know but not the purpose of it, they did know the extents and prioritized money + science. Through some lying vax companies still make money they still push the boosters but have lost the popular support. It would also explain why every single vax(1,2,booster1,booster2) seems to have different effects on the body. It would also explain why they would want the globo homo support so they could always have test subjects.


The boosters puzzle me.

If it was a straight death shot why have multiple instances?

Why do the boosted seem to die more?

Its obvious that the only people taking it at this point are die hard covid fans, the people that mostly got jabbed to keep their jobs couldn't care any more, and the people that didn't take it never will Why kill your most ardent supporters? Why turn the previously apathetic into enemies?

So many questions.


Here's my schizo shit
covid is a man made virus made to scare people into submission and taking experimental gene therapy and dna engineering. they wanted to exclude the non-vaxxed from the society much like the nazis did to the jews in the third reich. the unvaxxinated were the reason why people were dying, they were disease spreading disgusting rats that were a threat to our society at least according to the media. funnily enough pretty much everyone still got covid regardless of how many boosters they got. probably due to the constant brainwashing the response to it was often "well, good thing i'm double vaxxed. i can't imagine how bad it would've been if i wasn't


I agree there was some dna messing around done, however its seems like pretty much random who lives or dies russian roulete style.

Most of the vaxxed are actually in the soft-anti vax/mandate camp and only did it too feed their children or whatever, a good chunk of them are also underage, only really branch covidians really pushed for all of that, you just see it more because normal people aren't that terminally online and don't have the media on them.
Which its why the boosters are so weird to me, only the die hard fans take it since the jobvaxxed put their feet down, and if your main supporters take them, why would you kill them?

One of my schizo theories is that the vax is some sort of search for immortality type deal and fucking around with that its inevitable that the some of the subjects will die, and they just dont care because they're old and techrich and they have billions to test on.



I saw that

No fucking wonder people believe that nearly every doctor in the country is part of some evil cabal hiding rubber fucking blood clots that are killing people. Doesn't make it true, but I fucking get it. It's sad when a bunch of people who a) aren't doctors b) do not perform autopsies c) have no way of knowing anyone's vax status and d) are Q nutjobs seem more trustworthy than Fauci. The sudden death clips they used in their trailer were of survivors FFS.

So everyone is fucking lying their ass off, grifters trying to make their cheddar off of disaffected rubes, and the CDC saying whatever the fuck it wants with zero credibility.

This is a disease that could theoretically be held at bay with a fistful of cheap, antioxidant, over-the-counter vitamins, nutraceuticals, and peptides (provided they have good bioavailability, which isn't always a given), and these sons of bitches at the FDA are taking them away.

Ultravaxxed people will never admit they're were wrong and would rather suicide, the unvaxx are a mix of
literal crackpots and people saying that thay cant wait till all the vaxxed are fall dead in piles on the street, the apathetic majority being either pulled against the unvaxed becasue of their caustic approach or literally just dying.
A good chunk of the vaxxed were under 21 at the time, they are the next generation being told by their elders that they wont be happy until they are laid dead on the sidewalks or being groomed by ultravaxxed people for globohomo causes. Its all so fucking weird. It makes me feel like a crazy schizo because i know there is something in there but i cannot fully grasp it because of the bombardment of confusion and hatred for each side causing static on the screen. The next generation its utterly fucked and nobody seems to care, they just cant wait for people to die, while wrangling the average person around.

If you are person that had to be vaxxed for whatever reason make sure you keep your health in regular checks. Also take oxidants if you feel any chest discomfort and have asprin at home.


i like the idea that the dna or gene stuff was more to test how some technologies could be implemented to humans, not that they did it now but rather this was some kinda test run


i know exactly what you mean, its feels the same thing with any issue, every single ukraine discussion turns into "kill yourself vat nigger" or "cope harder utranny", remember occupy wall street?
It got over run with junkies and neets asking for space communism which turned the middle class off on it hard, none of those people were held accountable to THIS DAY for it, things were really gearing on good until then, after that every single discussion just gets ddosed with so much junk that its its incomprehensible to figure out the truth save for the most autistic of schizos, and then they might also say that the moon is made of cheese and cum due to their mental illness so anything associated with them its immediately discarded and the people that dislike globohomo will be like "if he is right about x then he surely must be right about y" bringing them into beliveing into flat earth and werewolves from mars distancing the normal people from them and pushing them into the arms of globohomo.

Its like tzeentch took over.


if it happened it would mean that TPTB are at least slightly benevolent.


what I don't think people realize its that all it takes its for one of those more conscious. mainstream rappers to make a song about his myocardits or something similar
and the vaxxed will be seen as a people that were just misled, "broooo we are like raiden in msg2 lol".
So pushing against the jobvaxxed its useless and making them antagonistic to you its retarded in the long run, its wall more profitable to push against the people at the top who actually pushed this shit its like reverse occupy wall street for the schizos, time passes, people lose jobs, people die and nothing changes just retards complaining as you lose your rights.


Idk about what to trust anymore since covid


I certainly don't trust anyone from the medical field.



This is what scares me the most, next time there is an actual deadly pandemic nobody will believe anything and people will just straight up die.

Also nobody will ever trust vaccines again so easily curable diseases like polio will probably come back.

Plus there is a massive divide between the covidians the unvaxxed and the jobvaxxed/schizos.

Nobody will ever concede a bit of ground in fear that the balance of power might be disrupted in favor of their "enemies" Easily workable divide and conquer strategies.

And nobody really cares.


Its like waking up from the simulatiom but the simulation is inside your own head


I studied biology previously, mainly microbiology. Perhaps I've been "indoctrinated by the big bad science machine", and perhaps I am fundamentally corrupted and tainted (>>4627). When the vaccinations were announced I was skeptical because it seemed like they could've been rushed. I read some papers and felt confident that mRNA tech would be safe, and took the vaccine (double dose) as well as a 'booster'. Perhaps this is Bill Gates or the deep state controlling my thoughts.
I never was too scared of covid myself because I'm young and healthy but it seemed reasonable to try and at least not spread the disease. I like the prospect of mRNA technology, it's very powerful and I think it will help humanity in the future. Covid itself seems to come from wuhan, from what I heard I think it's likely they were doing gain-of-function research and accidentally leaked it. It seems clear to me that gain-of-function research should be stopped if it cannot be controlled sufficiently. The risk of an actually horrible disease escaping is too great. I know it's not very based of me but I do personally believe that viruses and bacteria exist. I suppose I could see the case that governments collaborated to do some twisted experiment on the populace - I'd call that a possibility. However, so is an accidental escape from a lab, or even an unfortunate mutation. If I'd have to put money on it though, I'd go for accidental lab-leak. Sorry for blogposting but I just wanted to try and bring some nuance into things.
I agree with >>4630 in that the divide seems very harmful. The loss of trust is such a great way to destroy a civilization. I know some here would say: "Whatever! Down with it!" - but is civilization really that broken? I've not lost hope yet. I'll end this with a conspiracy theory of my own for which I've heard some buzz or words around. If you can imagine that governments all over the world conspire to mess with their population you can certainly try and see this one as well. Perhaps Russia, China and/or Iran don't really like "the west" and are collaborating to sow dissent. Pitting people against each other within the population. No more love thy neighbour, instead, fight them! No more trust in people, institutions, whatever. And it all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling doooooowwwwnnnn




What about



These IgG4 antibodies are telling the bodies of the people who got the covid shots that the spike protein "Is just a harmless allergen, ignore it." You can probably tell this is bad response to have against something that can replicate inside you and do actual damage. The ratio of IgG4 antibodies increases in the covid boosted after every breakthrough infection as well. You want higher levels of IgG3 to fight a virus infection, not IgG4.

The repeat boosters are working more like allergy shots, and not vaccines at all. The shots are teaching the immune system to ignore the spike protein, and because our immune systems don't have a way to go back to producing IgG3 antibodies from IgG4 it might be stuck this way. "Uh oh", to put it mildly.
So covid its the real killer not the vax, the vax just makes it easier to catch and harder to fight it
The schizo fringe places are mostly miss than hit, but this one is from a mainstream highly reputable government backed source, something that the fringe community have been saying since it rolled out, and if is that bad and people weren't warned about it I don't blame them from believing in rubber aliens and what not because nobody else really wants to see what its about except for schizo lunatics even if what they are saying is completely batshit.

Who can you trust, the people that know but don't tell or the people that find the truth between severely mentally ill delusions?


Whenever I see some saying 'I had to get injected with this experimental soup' I wonder how they were forced. You didn't have to take anything. You submitted to it. There wasn't a gun pointed at your head. Admit the truth, that you were weak willed and acquiesced to something that you didn't really want to to do. Sure, there were people who eagerly lined up but those claiming they 'had to take it' sound like they would have preferred not to.

Anyone who accepted this and buckled to the pressure has proven their lack of worth as human beings and they are most certainly not my nigger. It was test and you failed. Exceptions in the case of children, perhaps, who really can claim to have been forced by parents and the like. If you made the decision yourself though, well done. When the time comes for a microchip you can use the same excuse and get in line.


I want your opinion on a couple of possible situations.

>You are a widowed father with 2-3 kids, get the jab or lose your job.

>you are 18 and just moved out of your parents with minimal savings

>you spent your whole life dedicating yourself to a sport and are just about to make it.

>you are underage

>you came back from severe drug addiction and just found a stable job

>you are a immigrant

>you are responsible for someone that is disabled or has a debilitating disease

What should these people do?


>widowed father with kids
Don't take it. Enough people stood their ground on this and kept jobs so it isn't impossible. Get another job if they fire you.

>18, just moved out, no savings

Don't take it. What impetus is even there to get injected in this situation?


Don't take it. Risking heart complications and dropping dead on the field can end your career harder than being banned via medical tyranny.


See above exceptions in other post. Children have the only solid claim I can think of that it was truly forced upon them.

>recovering addict with new job

Don't take it. Caving to such a situation shows the same sort of weakness that could well lead to a relapse of the addiction. Stick to your principles and find alternative employment if they won't back down.


Again, where is the push to get injected here? If a country has made it a requirement of entry, it is no country you want to be in.

>caregiving profession

Don't take it. By the admission of those pushing for massive uptake of the injections, they neither stop someone catching the disease or transmission. If the recipient of care is your concern, they have the choice to be injected themselves for any supposed protection it confers.

None of this is to say that the responses to these circumstances are ideal. The world is not an ideal place. It is merely pointing out that nobody able to make the decision for themself was 'forced' to accept it happening.

I want your opinion on a couple of possible situations.

>Governments across the world begin strongly suggesting that people wear clown makeup in public to cheer up everyone. People are threatened with unemployment for failure to comply

>Many businesses implement policies to require proof of certain DNA strands, refusing to serve those who do not match a particular strain. Police action may result from protest or resistance

What should people do?


>Get another job if they fire you.
You clearly never been low income in a megacity, you are already trapped in it without the whole covid thing, theres is no other jobs and you cannot get out otherwise people would've already.

>What impetus

orphans, abusive households, 18 years olds just being kids and wanting to be independent, make friendships, live a life outside of the computer yada yada sex.

>end your career

They made your career, they can end it at any moment, maybe if you're a superstar you have some leverage but those are few and far between(they also probably fuck children and have skeletons that can end them too).

>find alternative employment

They could slang dope yes, maybe rob banks, maybe they could kidnap your children and sell their organs, they're junkies, they are already blessed to made it out alive.
>no country you want to be in
Not even gonna go into immigrants pretty much giving up their whole old lives away to immigrate, but what if you are from -stan and all you did there was to get bombed and molested?

>caregiving profession

No profession, i mean your son or your wife.

>What should people do?

Make their own businesses, Shoot them(in gmod), not rely on them.
But that has nothing to do with the clowns that are trying not to die. Why would you put your freedom on them?


They were coerced yes, not forced. They had the choice to commit suicide or start robbing banks amongst many others, but that's not realistic for the average person.

Now this leads to my point off the hook you bit.

>When the time comes for a microchip you can use the same excuse and get in line.

So when they get in line and the microchip tells them to rape your mother and give you all kinds of paper cuts, its a ok because they made their choice?

I am unequivocally anti this vax thing, but you are making goofball posts and sacrificing people to satan instead of trying to bring them the light.
I do not understand why would you want to put these people against those that can teach and not letting them learn from their mistakes, that would never ever leave to a unified response to the things that transpired.
Its almost like you want to go outside one day and just see bodies laid out dead on the sidewalk. They're not your niggers anyway. They submitted, now all that's left its suicide for them.
TPTB have it so easy.



There was enough noise being made about not submitting to this shit. Anyone who did so made their bed, they can lie in it. Even if they can admit their mistake it is too late. They're too far gone. I don't want to see any of them dead in the street. I want them to go climb into their matrix pods and shove feeding tubes down their throats to be pumped full of powdered bugs. I do not want to share a society with people who gave in so easily to something like this. We are not compatible.


File: 1673080889543.jpg (48.15 KB, 680x463, DmblP1UX4AE1dnw.jpg)

What the fuck are you talking about, for every single dead retard who makes the news there are billions out there still living their normal lives wtf? No pods No bugs, people going to bars and having sex, and now their eyes are open for future fuckery, how is that a bad thing? You wanted people to see your warning, now they are willing to listen, but for whatever reason you decided that now you want to push them away to be exactly what you oppose. Lunacy. Outside fringe groups people barely care about that shit now, you played russian roulette to feed your kids, you survived, life goes on.
I do not know why do you have this Diva behavior that people have to be compatible with YOU(i assume mentally ill)

You don't care about any of the shady shit going on behind the vax, you want to be rewarded for being in a position to make an easy choice, and thats fine, but in the real world, nobody ever will, and that is just something you gotta deal with it. Especially now that you want to give them to the borg of your own free will.
This is why TPTB always get away with it, you want people that you dislike just to disappear, thats autistic child in distress level my nigger, they're obviously not going to, people have already made comparisons with occupy wall street. I will screenshot this convo to use as an example for other places. All of you that took the vax to please look into it and see what it really happened, you can make your own decisions from then on.
Nothing more to be said other than i hope you have a wonderful day with your loving family and have some passionate sex with your beautiful wife. I will screenshot this convo to use as an example.

I hate the antichrist.


File: 1673082252975.jpeg (432.97 KB, 1107x1709, E2E66459-7ACC-4693-8177-B….jpeg)

Certified alpha male archetype. Warrior who is ready to fight for what he believes in. Fearless.
Certified beta male archetype. Faggot who always finds an excuse to submit. Weakling.


If you actually read the posts you would see that it
explicitly says to fight that stuff, this is why we tell people from 4 chan to go back, you didn't even read it.


>now their eyes are open for future fuckery, how is that a bad thing? You wanted people to see your warning, now they are willing to listen

An optimistic viewpoint. One that flies in the face of reality. Most people just tired of the incessant measures around the disease. They didn't wake up at all. If they failed to heed the warning before there is no good reason to expect them to pay attention to another. You don't seem to appreciate that ignoring warnings is usually a one chance affair. That is why they are warnings, because it is a point of no return. I have no doubt that those still around will hear more warnings about getting chips in their brain when that time comes, just so they can be ignored too. After all, they will 'have' to get chipped for their job, to go shopping or whatever else excuse is used. Such people cannot be welcomed by those who have the will to hold fast to their convictions. It would be inviting weakness.

Maybe there are some rare exceptions. People who were braindead before yet somehow now realise where they went wrong. I am not aware of any. Even if they were to exist, I would not risk associating with them in any meaningful capacity. I guess you would, even if the Book of Revelation turned out to be true and these dumbasses had accepted the mark of the beast. Not me though. It was their decision to be set apart from those who declined the needle. Unless they can openly regret their mistake we won't even be able to have a conversation about how to move forward.


What can these people do though?

There is such a thing as reality breakdown when you realize that, some people cant handle it and might go full schizo.

I am half convinced that this guy its actually a bot, its the same type of posts on the same time frame and they all ways have these slightly off meme characteristics, almost human but not quite it might be just 4chin brain rot but they almost feel not real.


4chan posting should be a banable offense


File: 1673136235538.jpg (17.08 KB, 552x345, 2d5a697f81b3cb63.jpg)

>state that some males are superior to others
>inferior males immediately jump in to defend themselves


But what youre saying directely contradicts the poster that youre quoting, it not a male thing its a low quality posting thing, if you read it what you posted makes no sense, its probably the vaccine fogging your brain.


File: 1673165438703.jpg (124.97 KB, 642x680, kingofthetrash.jpg)

So you went from:
>I do not want to share a society with people who gave in so easily to something like this
>Unless they can openly regret their mistake we won't even be able to have a conversation about how to move forward.
Which they are but:
>Even if they can admit their mistake it is too late
But then again we see what you really want:
>Admit the truth, that you were weak willed and acquiesced to something that you didn't really want to to do.

I could keep going yadda yadda yada stringing you along and slowly chipping away blahblahblah.
Of course, now that I pointed out and pushed you away you will clamp up and go the opposite direction, but i am not interested in changing your mind, the posts are still there, and thats enough for whoever else reads it.
You want to give people to the enemy under the idea they are weak instead of fortifying not only the numbers for your cause(and mine) but also wishing a life of eternal pain and apathy to those who are trying to reach the light. Kicking the ladder from the top and giving the people to the borg instead of rallying against it. TPTB have it so easy if you're the opposition.

What i am more interested is in the why do you think these people would want to be with YOU?
Not only you push them away, they got their own things to take care off.
Are you so irresistible to be around that being denied by you is suicide inducing?
Why would they care? why wouldn't they keep going with their own lives? As you said it was their decision to be set apart from those who declined the needle, why would they want to tell their regrets to you of all people? They might never. What changes? What are you gonna do about it? This is the hardest self-truth to admit to somebody who is in the fringes, that even though you were right about everything, and that people really died from it, nothing will really change in the way people treat you in the real world based on that. What its a big thing in your world its just a speck on everybody elses, they didn't die after all, and they will keep going on with their lives whether you think their existence its meaningless or not.
Just be happy you don't have myocarditis and whatever else, I am.

This is the same retard that shits up every single thread he post in, his posts are just some variation of 4chan shit, why do you guys keep replying, its obvious he has an different hardware on his brain and can't compute and keep up with the threads. Lest this turn into "you're this" "no you're that" 4chan style threads we all seek to avoid, maybe hes just a tard maybe he has micro clots on his brain because of his vax and now his shit fogged up(come to think about it he only showed up past when the covid thing was over), either way. its the same retard everytime same time frame same posting style, just laugh and move on.


The thing i love about imageboards is that i get to change my opinion on something, watch somebody gets completely dismantled, and people not to be on each other throats since its anonymous so nobody cares and all in the same thread there is very hot anime girls.



That's four things fella.





Just a reminded that historically the people that go hard against something are the ones that felt played by it.

Plenty of people lived off grid but it took a high level phd math professor to start to make explosive comments about it, If you read stories about homeless hitler he was the biggest degenerate in weimar before he wet all fash, guy fawks was a alférez and George Washington was in the british army ffs.

People that live on the fringes are already comfortable on the fringes, you just want things to stay the way they are.



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