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Where do you see yourself in a year or two?


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Hard to say, but hopefully getting a job a bit more muscle and weight on me. Perhaps even getting a girlfriend or just smoothing the relationship with my relatives, so many things I want to do…


Same as today, I don't think my life will ever change. It's working till death.


applying to grad school
starting grad school


Struggling on minimum wage with no friends or brain.


running campaigns and being hated by the masses


I will have released my first hip-hop album and will be riding a wave of underground popularity.


This but I already released several mixtapes/albums and am starting to pick up steam.


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>Where do you see yourself in a year or two?
right where i'm sitting right now…


with a degree and a job




Would you mind posting a link? I'd be interested to hear your bars. You could post it in the OC thread >>1971

Also, nice Prince trips.


Nowhere. Just that, nowhere.


deep in your moms coochie




having sex


Still the same probably, in uni, might finish it by then, I don't know what comes next after that. I just spend my day crawling the list of new image boards to post on but I usually spam memes about europe on kohlchan.
I probably won't even come back to to this chan in maybe another 6 months or so
See ya


Hopefully, out of this hellhole - or at least working toward leaving the cesspool where I reside.

Dealing with my cognitive functioning issues (malnutrition, a sleeping disorder, depression, executive dysfunction, etc), and delve deep into academia, deal with my C-PTSD.


Finding another job, gf, dropping alcohol habit, and buying a comfy house. But one can only wish


In the wired


Me too

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