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Sometimes I daydream about people asking my opinion on various subjects, like it matters.




Go on Twitter and reply to random people, they love it.


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I don't think my mental health could take much more abuse.


What would you like to be asked about?


File: 1593630024973.jpg (103.76 KB, 639x424, Russian_roulette.jpg)

Mostly philosophy or specific issues like programming or whatever else I'm doing throughout the day. I like to pretend that who I'm talking to is a great friend of mine


What would you recommend for a good first project with AutoHotKey scripting?


>Make a program that installs linux and deletes windows, then learn C.
Make a clipboard that you can copy and paste from. https://github.com/ahkscript/awesome-AutoHotkey


Yeah, I daydream about being important and people giving value to my opinion. Sometimes I daydream about being in a debate and obliterating my opponent with facts and logic.


… me too. I fantasize about future interactions I could have, or even daydream about streaming to a fantasy audience of people, and monologue to the voyeurs in my head.


I think you spend more time outside or having someone to talk like a friend so they can hear some of your problems out and vent whatever is inside.


What is your quest


To seek the Holy Grail!


For what purpose?


what is your favorite color?




File: 1595692138079.jpg (467.09 KB, 1294x1000, cbbe1e626c2e5c401e09119b56….jpg)

Maybe I'll start a blog. Do people still write blogs?


Such egocentrism is reserved for the masses. Stick to chans, make a question and then answer it as anonymous


No way, I'm not going to samefag.


If you must, don't do any of that wordpress or weebly bullshit


File: 1595891364744.jpg (18.67 KB, 675x499, 856.jpg)

Pretty much everyday I have to drive a good amount, I definitely interview myself and ask myself questions out loud in the car. I hope people think I'm just on the phone. Im scared they see through the façade. Im scared they're watching me or even worse sometimes im convinced they're following me. Judging me. I pretend I have a famous album out or I saved someone or just something random and they want to ask me questions. So I use my big voice my impressive voice.


I refuse to believe this isn't an ironic samefag.


What's your opinion on cats? [Spoiler]Pretend like the answer matters.[/Spoiler]


Cats are nice. As I am allergic to cats, I never got to know any cat closely and I have only a surface understanding of their lives, but sometimes I meet one or two while walking. If feels nice to pet them, when the brush up against your legs or extend their necks trying to reach your palm for the pats. They are cute.


Oh shit, I think I've seen you around. You need a haircut.


Okay, but why?


This guy went around spamming this on various imageboards


But he gains nothing or does he get paid for it since I only saw it on relatively small imageboards.


I get caught up in having 2-3 hour long conversations with myself almost on a daily basis.


has never happened at all, I don't feel catched

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