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What brings you here, traveller?


I enjoy browsing barely active but not inactive websites


I find the real world overrated




I'm tired


found on lainchan


wandering through dead imageboards, wondering if the internet changed or just me


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You spooked me. Thought I was looking at my own post for a moment.


I know it was always a meme that /b/ was better back in the day, but I feel like I've seen a lot of nostalgia threads all over different imageboards. What happened to make so many people feel this way? If so many people have these like-minded feelings, why should the imageboard community have changed? Did moot and 8ch irreversibly fracture the imageboard community?


That is to say, why don't people feel like they can go on posting like they used to?


File: 1574922931257.png (796.05 KB, 1912x4838, mBDtmQm[1].png)

It's not that, I don't think. It's not any one event but a gradual change as more people came in, their norms anchored in social media and smartphones, and they failed to adapt, perverting image-board culture and ruining it for everyone forever.
I never even used to post. I just lurked and read whatever discussion caught my fancy. Maybe chiming in sometimes, but far from every day. Now there's nothing to read. People don't lurk anymore. Not just newfags, no one. There's no discussion, people don't hold their tongue until they've something to contribute. It's all just one big shouting match, posturing and normalfaggotry abound. It's like no one got the fucking memo they're anonymous.

Two or three years back I ended up posting some screencaps from /tg/ on /v/, including pic related(no need to read it). Some newfags chimed in with their "cringe", one even thinking everything in it was one giant samefag. The idea that people would play along, just take a concept and run with it, have fun, was so fucking alien to him he thought it had to all be one person. Now, it's all about asserting yourself. Either puffing yourself up, or exerting influence over the board. There's no more innocence, there's no fun, there's no sincerity to it. Imageboard culture is virtually extinct. Hell, internet culture is. People just do not get anonymity anymore, and drag their egos online. Trying to shame each other into falling in line, constantly reaching for an identity to ascribe to the other party, preemptively cushioning their egos by broadcasting very loudly that their post is shit on purpose so please don't criticize it, and later insisting it just as loudly if it comes into question.


File: 1574923088908.png (927.35 KB, 1280x1024, 1519773534802.png)

People don't meaningfully interact with threads anymore. They don't participate in them. They're so poisoned by the social media model of leader and follower that they're just sitting around waiting for people to tell them to jump. They're spectating. Which would be fine, if that was all they did. But they're vocally spectating. The thread is their fucking twitch chat while they… There's nothing. Nothing to react to, but their own reactions. They're a panel of self-styled judges waiting for the fucking contestants, waiting to long to reply with their based and their cringe and the latest twitch emote or wojak or what have you, and have taken to rating each others' ratings instead.

The people who actually contribute anything are an extreme minority. And I'm not talking about drawfags making OC, or any high bar like that. I mean people who are willing to discuss something, to describe something, to fucking ask if they don't get it, to tell an actual honest to God fucking joke. To contribute to the thread they're in or shut the hell up. Instead we're overrun with these harebrained fucking mongrels endlessly spamming their up- and their down-votes, at any actual content, attempt to engage with it, or as in 99% of all cases at each others' worthless fucking vote-post spam. As if their ANONYMOUS OPINION fucking matters. They aren't fucking human. They're cattle. It's a fucking peanut gallery. There's nothing else left. Everyone else has fucking left.


I’ve seen the question answered many times different ways, but I deem yours pasta quality.


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>Everyone else has fucking left.
Well, I'm here.


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File: 1577564397547-1.jpg (1.1 MB, 3072x2048, 009_16.jpg)

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It's Saturday, midday.

I've wasted my entire morning, possibly my entire life, sitting in front of the screen with the inability to perform any tasks. I'm empty, man. My hobbies have died. Movies and television and video games no longer offer any interest. I don't understand the people around me, yet I still seem to function properly within their systems.

I feel I've hit this wall of emptiness. I know, I know, beauty in everything and everywhere, that the whole universe is perfect in its entirety, but it makes no difference in my life when all around us are people who've been 'infected' with the disease of modern social norms, tech norms, and just plain out bad ideologies.

So here I am, on this site. Shrugging off my own potential existence. I don't know how to go out and have fun anymore. I've long since lost my being happy. I feel I'm constantly falling downwards, becoming entangled in the wires of insanity.

People aren't worth connecting to it seems.
Things aren't worth doing anymore.
I guess I'll stay floating on in the w i r e d.


I guess this means us long time lurkers need to step up some. Be more active. On all imageboards.

I tried hard to forget about them and move on with my life but something always pulls me back. I have a few reliable slow ones I find myself sporadically returning too. I guess it's something worth fighting for after all.

For me being anonymous has always made me relaxed and comfortable. Just being a little node in the great human system, as equal as any other there. I don't understand the people who want to piff their chest over nothing. Lighten up have a beer. Jehovas witnesses were right, were living in the end times. The Kali Yuga of anon.


>They're a panel of self-styled judges waiting for the fucking contestants.
As someone who never understood this mindset I definitely feel like a contestant sometimes. People are now strangely judgmental about everything. If I am given something new and something I dislike, I ignore the latter and pick the new 100% of the time. It seems like people would rather do the opposite now, and I don't understand how the situation could change so drastically so quickly.
But I want to say that you should stop making posts like these, anon. They are reactionary posts to the zeitgeist you described, and because of their reactionary nature they are part of it. You need to hold them back and instead, produce new things, contribute, participate. I don't know what your posting history is so maybe you're doing that already and you're just venting, but just in case, know that the best you can do for the Internet and yourself is to be one of those people who contribute. It makes no sense to leave a large website to bring its reactionary mindset on the smaller one. I see this a lot on altchans.


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we wait


I'm in search of small imageboards to call home




File: 1579737614760.jpg (42.9 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nyaj30DfSx1r3nw1vo1….jpg)

I like to explore the digital world aka The Wired. My adventures brought me here.


dont follow me, im lost too


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>have nothing to do
>check most of the imageboards I lurk
>do it again
why do I exist?


File: 1621621754047.jpg (51.86 KB, 636x727, 1510658196389203.jpg)

I'm in a similar position, except I have things to do I just don't want to do them.


File: 1621669531621.jpeg (1.94 MB, 2134x3276, D_WEANtVAAAO-7_.jpeg)

To troll or to not troll, that is the question.(TO TROLL)


hiding from responsibilities


Making my imageboard rounds at 12AM like I always do before I head to sleep.

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