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I'm 36 hours into "NoFap" I'm already starting to lose my mind. How do some of you handle it?


OP here, updating.
I'm closing into 49 hours now. I'm still making it but struggling hard.


My personal record was around 45 days I think. It helped me at re-wiring my brain circuits out of porn addiction, enhanced by cold showers. My advice to you is to not feel so guilty about it, take one step at a time. It's a bit silly to think it's possible or even beneficial to completely quit masturbating suddenly for the rest of your life. Even if you'd achieve that, it would probably be simply from self-denial and you could relapse at any moment given the right circumstances.
If you feel like your carnal impulses are controlling your life, it's good to fix that. But, as I said, don't feel too guilty about it. It's part of being human, just make sure it doesn't stop you from doing the things you want to do.


Yeah, I'm not going in thinking I'll never masturbate again in my life. I'm just trying to work on maintaining some self-control and working on the overall addiction to porn. I was spending up to 10 hours a day just fapping on and off while watching, search up, and saving porn/hentai. Also was just staying up all night to do more of the same. It's been hitting a level of completely taking over my life. Things was just getting worse with each passing year. More or less had been on a daily fap craze for 17 years with maybe the occasional day in between on rare occasions that I literally didn't have the option. I mean I've fapped in public, at work, at school in the back of the class, in a hospital, while riding in the back seat of a car/bus, and even started taking one of my friend's mom's panties on my dick to fap with while over at their house.


OP here back with another update: I'm now officially 69 hours in. I just had an extreme urge to fap. But maintained myself with some breathing exercises and reading up on some "NoFap" material to bring back some motivation for self-control. This is extremely difficult for me. I personally have a goal of at least making it to 30 days. Once I reach that goal, I'll decide once and for all where I'll let this journey take me. I need that rewiring effect >>1124 mentioned. Also I may have to give cold or at least cooler showers a try. I do tend to take pretty hot showers.


48 hours into nofap, feel a slight urge to fap but nothing out of the ordinary. my last record was like 2 weeks


OP here, stopping by with my update.
I'm an hour away from being 5 days in.


What's your longest record?


Like 1 week at best


I was about 6 hours away from 1 week but relapsed. Had an extremely bad day.


I can’t stop!


I'm going to try to start this again. I'm going to try to last at least 30 days this time.


Porn addiction is extremely hard to stop.


I know right


I find myself hating my girlfriend more and more if I don't fap. Does anyone have an explanation for that?


I don't know. What I do know is I feel guilty for fapping to anything other than the girl I like but can't fap to her because of the madonna/whore complex.


I think my brain chemistry is warped of many years of depression, anxiety, porn addiction, and more problems.


I gave up on NoFap, I guess I'll fap until I die.


Don't be a cumbrain, anon.


File: 1565140816734.jpg (52.97 KB, 621x435, 1558494543905.jpg)


NoFap is a meme.


I decided to smoke a sigarette everytime i want to fap, nicotine addiction is better than dophamine
t.never smoked before




Longest I've gone was 3 weeks and I relapsed hard.




I have such a strong sense of superiority towards those with a lack of a grasp on their sense of self control.

You guys are pathetic cumbrains.




i had a day few days ago where i nutted like 7 times and i couldn't focus for shit


I have hyperspermia so I have no choice but to fap 2-3 times a day (I don't have ED problems even when I do that) or my balls will literally hurt.


File: 1611584745271.png (39.57 KB, 598x184, hyperspermia.png)

heh, never knew that was a thing
>symptoms, causes, diagnosis & treatment
reluctant to click that shit for fear of link redirecting to onlyfans


I ripped the skin so that now after it's healed it can't retract.


File: 1612045930843.gif (904.14 KB, 250x231, hmmmm.gif)


sounds lowkey pretty fuckng painful


I don't handle it. I jerk it twice a day.


Started "NoFap" today. I'm gonna make it


Stop watching porn and supplements (like instagram/tiktok whores, comics, etc) and just fap once a week


i used to be a mild porn addict until i cut it out of my life
if looking at porn or coomer bait is routine, then your brain will be stuck in horny mode. if your stuck in horny mode for long enough, youll fap.
go cold turkey and free yourself from the demiurge of lust
after that it should be a cakewalk
speaking of with i might try NNN this year


I'm going to start presential university in two weeks for first time, i haven't see a lot of people since the start of the pandemic shit but i hope that go out a lot of hours can help me i'll start gym too


File: 1659029731348.jpg (75.83 KB, 1280x779, IMG_20220326_215003_807.jpg)

This is going to be helping you a lot friend, the point is going out and distracting yourself a bit. I've been on a small self-improvement trip, and I sort of prepared myself mentally, but it does help going out, meeting new people, and doing a variety of things.

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