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This is an excrept from a story an anon devised on mebious.

Copy and pasted as is:

* you and your soulmate wïll then see the guy wïth long haïr and laugh and hïm, followïng hïm around to humïlïate hïm more remïndïng hïmself of hïs lïfe he desperately trïes to avoïd.

* then u will kiss each other while experiencing true bliss while staring at a sunset, finally feeling true love

* and dyïng brutally

* brutally in love with each other while the guy with the long hair hides in the corner watching, wanting but notbeing able to have the same amount of love, he hists himself in the head repeatedly while you laugh.

* I suck troon dick &Preist

* you will feel the most sãcred humãn feeling of hugging your soulmãte ãnd feeling her heãrbeãt ãnd her breãths on you, knowing thãt you ãre loved unconditionãlly ãnd you love her bãck cãusing utopiã in your brãin whenever you look ãt her

* the man wïth the løng haïr sees that he understands these feelïngs but ïts unable tø have them, he knøws what ït ïs but ïts ïnachevable tø hïm, yøu laugh at hïs behavïør, he døenst knøw that he had a chance he squandered

* the long ha1r guy sounds l1ke a better person than the two lovers. 1'm on h1s s1de

* you and your soulmate approach him, he cries in pain, you decide its best to laugh at him and keep on wiht your life, after all you are loved and he is not, you feel sad for him, your soulmate kisses you in the cheek, you feel euphoric

* the long háir mán hit$ him$elf in the heád repeátedly, pá$$erby$ láugh át him, he doe$nt know he could chánge, hi$ $oulmáte wálk$ by, $ee$ him ánd it$ di$gu$ted, the $oulbound áh$ been broken $he i$ connected to $omeone el$e now, the two lover$ pelt rock$ át the mán

* long haïr man wïll come back from thïs. he ïs the maïn character

* the long hair man will never admit to himself his actions are at fault, the rocks hit him repeatedly he cowers and runs away, he bumps into another long haired man, with his arms around his past soulmate, he cries, the couple kisses, they feel pure bliss

* 2 year later the lông haired man wakes up, he is surrôunded by pills and alchôhôl, anôther suicide attempt has failed, he is invited tô the côuples wedding, he declines, the côuple then prôceeds tô humiliate him and hit his legs with sticks, he runs away while passerbys laugh at the way he is
he sees his then again soulmate, with the other long haired man, he does not understand, this man its just like him, why does she loves him and not himself? they pelt rocks at the him, he cries in pain, the couple kiss at their wedding, they feel true love, the long haired man hits himself in the head repeatedly

* 6 months later the couple sees the long haired man, they pelt rocks at him, he is unphased, his mind its gone, he hits himself in the head repeatedly, your soulmate kiss you in the cheeks, you feel euphoric, you ask the long haired man why does he behave the way he does?, he cannot answer, you hit his arms whit a stick, he is unphased, his mind its gone, your soulmate hands him a firearm, he points at you, then at your soul mate then at his own head, *click*… its its empty, the couple kisses,the man cries

*the couple feel true love, the long haired man feels despair, he could've had everything but he sqandered, the couple make love, they feel utopia in their brains, the long hair man spies from a window, he cries, he hits himself repeatedly in the head, the couple kiss, they feel true love, the long haired man is surrounded by pills and alcohol, he does not wake up, the couple kisses, they feel true love.

* spam..

* its a story you low i.q mongrel orangutang retard


File: 1676428303781.png (65.21 KB, 1280x720, longhairedmandrawing.png)

heres a drawing i made when i read that.


>an anon
you mean you? you made a retarded story there, and then you made a thread to post it again for double the zero fucks given.


Its valentines day my nigga i just got home and saw it, i thought it was cool wirechan oc and made a thread. I do not hold and or claim to hold any sort of copyright over that story.


okay, i'm sorry.


What's the song playing right now? Tenacious D?


yup sounds like tribute


I loved that movie as a kid and know most of the songs by heart but I don't remember ever hearing Tribute.


OC will always reign triumphant, even if it its nonsense.


the song is from their debut album released in 2001, pick of destiny is their second album and was the soundtrack for the movie which came out in 2006.


Wow powerful, wire chan is the only alt chan i know that has a distinct culture, I love you all !!!!!0W0!!!!!


>low i.q mongrel orangutang retard

Added to my list of insults


Long hair man reincarnates as a dragon


This is art


utopia on their brains


Nice drawing


I was there and replied, I gave "a fuck"
Cya in the wired


So does the long haired man represent smth or is this story just nonsense?


When a man lives in escapism by living outside reality of it how can he understand the the real world? How can he own up to his short comings when in his mind he has none? How can he live in a reality that does not line up to to the one he has fabricated in his mind? Is it a reality breakdown or a breakdown in reality?

If you get it, it represents something inside.

If you don't get it then its just nonsense and you should move along, you got other things to worry about, whether you find yourself on the long hair man or the couple side.

It cannot be explained only felt. Like utopia on their brains.

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