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Do you make music or play an instrument? I wanna hear it! post your recordings in this thread and share them with wirechan.

This thread was inspired by the people on Mebi who keep reuploading on of my piano recordings.


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Nice, but why is this in /meta/?



IDK I just kinda picked a board


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I like to make music mostly with samples but sometimes with very constructed chords and occasional melodies. I've been trying to get into the practice of posting them on my own website, as I'm starting to get tired of Bandcamp and the modern centralised netscape in general, even if I understand it further obscures my art. I hope you all like my weird-ass bullshit.



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I used to make background music for content creators on Newgrounds and YouTube. When copyright attacks started to get bad back in the day and everyone was looking for royalty free or any other music they could get their hands on for their projects. Haven't really done too much since those days. Wouldn't mind getting back into it.


A lot of the stuff on my channel isnt that good its just my old sc stuff but ive been doing a lot of synth work lately since i pirated serum lmao

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