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Do you have what it takes to be a good rapper?
Lets make a song wirechan post your lyrics below and ill compile them all later in a song.

*Try not to go over 16 lines

Ill start:

I walk around the wired with my head on fire
see my soulmate riding a car and feel inspired
to talk to her
then i say hey there…


Hey there ho
i got some dough
she looked interes/ted
i touched her breasts/ and
said honey do you wanna party
she say yea honey gimme the money
and as a pulled my wallet she punched my balls
i screamed in pain as she ran through the halls
so i cock my gun and said bitch is on till i turn the corner and…


See a guy
and he says hi
he see my gun
then I say bye (*BLAM!*)
the girl right is behind a cop
I try to hide my glock and say
wait a minute officer i can explain…


i am on delegacy
I say it wasnt me
The girl tell the cop what I say is all fantasy
The cop ask me why i did that
So i say i did not wrong and that the guy stole my cat
And the cop said what the fuck
And he let me go because he thought i was drunk
Then she came to me and said i suck
And I said to her is better you stop mocking
Because i will kill you while you are walking


She says daaamm homie
realizes i still got the gun on me
girl voice: "cant we be just friends"
I Say: "no i need a means to an end".
"But why do you always have to act this way"
"my mama died and my daddy its gay"
So i left, thinking about life ,the girl is mad and pulls out a knife
My back hurts but it was just a scratch
I let off 2 and try hit her neck, my aim is bad but the bullets hit
She gets down on he knees and starts to bleed,(*beat stops*) ho should've know not to fuck with me(*resume beat*)
Now after that im on some shit, anybody tests me, lead ill dump.
They get one piece pointed at them like its shonen jump.
I see these cats and we have beef
I shoot at them and they shoot at me
My pipe lets off more lead than flits water
Till i ran out of bullets and they came closer…


what the fuck i ran away
trying to doge all the strays
i went home and watched ani me
looked out side its a sunny day
then my mom turns around and says…


son, are you homo sex?
no mom, I just like to flex, no stress


File: 1682897895239.png (63.31 KB, 860x1172, pepe.png)

Hey, Hey, Whoa, WHoa

Don't look at me I said ur moms a ho

Anime everyday until my eyes say NO

I'ma NEET everyday I play vidya everyday

I'm a NEET everyday until next tuesday when I move out and it's move day and I'm going to the park, park

Then I'm just a NEET in the street and I have nothing to eat and everyday I beat my meat, in the street, in the street

When I'm homeless and I'm dying and my parents they are crying I'll be lying in that segment between the alley and the street. When soon I feel a tickle at the bottom of my feet,

It's a waifu that wants me to feel that fuwa fuwa dream!




…But although I love my waifu things are just not what they seem

My waifu is an amputee that is also a dog

But she's not actually a she and she has a massive log

She has everything that I could ask for she can bark bone or bite
And when I get some fucked up shit going through my mind, she has more than anything I'll every want from any hentai site

And when I'm walking through the forest to sing the virgin song


they flexing their numbers online it's an act
but they be on my territory and that's a fact
i live here, i don't care bout your numbers
you claim the same nerd shit you hating and i wonder
if you know what the fuck you talking shit for
but this shit is more than you asked for
thought it was all for the internet fame
but you cant get popular being a fag with a name

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