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trying to write somethig good,
a debut you can call it, as a writer, mangaka, designer multitalent connoseiur, you name it.

how should i make my stuff so that it can gather enough crowd for the next publications? something that will entertain hundred thousand people andmore maybe? how do i target these tons of people with my art?


God damn man how many altchans are you going to ask this same question on? You don't like the same answers everyone is giving you? Too bad! You're not going to be the next Kentarou Miura or Stonetoss or whatever it is you have in mind. There is no glory in fame here. Why do you even want to "get big" as an artist? It's almost as bad of a venture as buying lottery tickets.
Almost everyone in the post-Facebook hypercommercialized internet who has become famous due to their art were never trying to. They just put a lot of passion (or, more likely, perverse sexuality) and practice into their work, posted frequently, and interacted with many like-minded people.
I simply don't understand why you're expecting to find your fairy godfather on Internet backwaters who will tell you the secret to growing your audience from 0 to 100,000. There is absolutely no sure way to do it except soul-eroding meme porn. Meme porn is the only way to do it.


hes autistic


i can tell by thee smell


tldr u just dont have a good logic based answer?


How is "spam your profile with lowest-common-denominator porn and ecchi involving memes mere hours after they become memes" an illogical answer? If you want more than that you have to go to school and work hard to be accepted into an institution like Disney.


>>359 how does that worked for you

show me one good example.


shut up pussy get off the net and practice drawing things that deserve to be seen by hundreds of thousands


>>361 like a homestuck stickman? not complaining but i am putting abit more tha that i believe.


Let’s see some art from you then




please stop answering to the art schizo

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