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Show case your favorite bedroom punk / epunk/ incelcore artists
The scene is pretty much done given the e-drama that ensured.
Its such a varied genre where no 2 bands sound alike, kinda has a cyberpunk/dystopian feel to it pretty cool for something internet based.



Hard Christ:


And others!

(Too many links flood detected (*-*) )


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i cant say that i enjoy this genera. it seems immature and repetitive.
i kept an eye on Fedfest and watched the footage from the event a day or two after it happened and i was disappointed. it seems that some of these young right wing individuals who identify themselves as "incels" are kind of just the new hot topic kids.

side note, mildly related: i suspect that in 10 years being a 25 year old virgin will be considered cool.



>i cant say that i enjoy this genera. it seems immature and repetitive.

it is technically a punk rock branch so thats par for the course.

You're right though, the idea is to take these past "incels" and give them a scene, a movement that gets them out of the house lets them make friends and be normal people so instead of being walking red flags and trannies they can transition into having a friend group and something to belong to( basically what hot topic was for weirdos).

Whether thats good or bad its debatable but i think it at least makes them not complete weirdos by themselves but part of a sub culture, nobody got goths, nobody got skateboarders, nobody got "nerds", nobody got "gamers".

Now all of those things are as zeitgeist as they come, change comes from making something uncool(and borderline dangerous) cool and acceptable.

I wish that in 10 years some ugly retard would at least have some friends instead of getting his head kicked in the school bathroom then coming later with an ar.



i see where you’re coming from an value your opinion but i’d have to say that i’m unironically under the belief that the “crack down” on school bullying has actually lead to these antisocial behaviors accelerating. there is no longer natural system of checks and balances to keep weird kids in line and it causes them to enter into mental echo chambers of their own creation.


I agree, our goal as a society should be to help these kids reach some level of normalcy. I just worry that internet communities are so hyper-insular and self-perpetuating that it'll only send them to futher extremes.
Personally, the point of yours that makes the most sense to me is the "getting out of the house" bit: finding real community/belonging/real-fleshy-human-interaction.
I wonder though what's the best way to go about making that happen, especially when the culture is moving urther away from that kind of life by the hour.
Pulling them out of the hall of mirrors is a good start, but when it's mirrors all the way down I worry its just a half-measure.


I think that went out of the window post columbine where they figured out that you can just shoot the bullies, the main reason they cracked down on bullying was to stop school shootings, thats why nowadays we see more random mass shooting than deliberate school ones.

People on the scene went out past the internet, there was shows festivals and what not, some of the bigger bands even went touring, ironically thats what caused the drama that would make the scene pretty much dead nowadays, everybody definitely went out and made rl expericences.

But i do agree, some of these people are far too gone to be saved, but for those who can, breaking the mirrors and getting into the real world is the first step.



>The scene is pretty much done given the e-drama that ensured.
didn't hear about this, what happen?


Gezebelle adam owenwick and gjallahornit made an album together during that they took alot of acid and birdbath acused gezebelle of rape.
It came out that greens on toast gf raven was a franks hassle bpd groupie and was jealous of gezebelle and made it all up, birdbath and others went along by fear of raven. After it came out those guys were expelled out of the scene and shooter now has a hate boner for them to the point all of his songs are about it now.
Raven used to date hot leather but would cheat him with greens on toast and fuck loudly on the other room trying to make him kill himself. Theres a lot of stuff that came out surounding raven but the important part is that she singlehandled killed the scene with her bpd crazyness. They call her the yoko junkie. This is a tl dr the story its more retarded.




These songs about antisocial characters, doing dangerous things and knowing that they're fallen too far have a Scorsese on drugs feel to it internal monologues and all. Its weirdly artsy and out of the box.

I kinda like it, shame about the drama.





i follow more the syntpunk scene around the globe, i think bedroom punk same as eggpunk is a microgenre of synthpunk which is very interesting



If you got 2 hours to kill and listen to retarded e-drama




I am kinda hooked on this genre.

Thanks wirechan!


never heard of it before and i an get why people enjoy it but personally it just sounds like annoying loud metal sludge to me






is the resemblance to where is my mind intentional


Yea its called "where is my freedom?"





I stumbled onto this guy while looking for a song by the shaggs, it's kinda shitty (less than 60 views on youtube) but when i listened to it it reminded of incel shit so maybe it fits here idk i dont listen to that sort of thing.


Is there an implication here that views are correlated to the shittiness of a video?


stop trying to start an argument bitch.


Make me or attempt suicide again








The scene is so small theres probably not even 100k people in it world wide, but its one of the best exemples of autentichity in the post 2014s
This one made me shed a tear
I really liked it

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