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Has anyone tried using a Voor's head device? Might kill you but maybe that's part of the experience.


What exactly is a Voor's head device? I tried looking it up but I couldn't find any info


Do not unless you wish to sell your soul and have permanent brain damage


Some things are better left undiscovered


its something for people who were never taught to not put a plastic bag on their head


All I've seen of it's effectiveness is that you end up making questionable music; I'll stick to my normal consciousness altering methods, ones that don't actively make me stupider.


I cannot stress this enough, but I do not recommend using a Voor's Head Device in any capacity. However, if you are going to use one you can at least use it safely. Or at least as safely as possible. Here are some general recommendations on such:
1. HAVE A SPOTTER WITH YOU The last thing you'd want to do is off yourself because of "muh internet friends"
2. If at all possible, make sure your buddy is CPR trained
3. Make sure the way you construct the device makes it as easy to remove as possible
4. have bandage sheers/trauma sheers on hand just in case you need to remove it immediately
6. do it in a location where getting to primary care is as fast as possible

Seriously tho, don't suffocate yourself. The only more embarrassing way to die I can think of is auto-erotic-asphyxiation.


Faggot shit


yes what is a Voor’s Head Device?
don’t want to google it if it’s some fucked up thing. i’m pure.


It's a hoax made up by some musician to hype up his otherwise forgettable music. It's supposed to be some hood invented by death cultists that you can put on your head to simulate what it's like to suffocate without actually dying.


wow thats certified stupid
thanks for the explanation


god bless you


File: 1665611829857.jpg (48.69 KB, 756x504, voorhaed.jpg)



I pity the fool who treats Mr. T like that!


The A in A-team Stands for Anus


Did you ever used one?


I always place my toys while in that position to rip nasty farts.

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