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drugs are generally considered underground, so lets talk about our use and history with it, let it be narcotics, nootropics, pharmacological medicine etc…


I've personally only smoked marijuana (also have had an edible cookie), synthetic marijuana, and salvia. I had some wild experiences with salvia that ranges from everything turning to spirals, seeing surfing ficitional characters in the sky who tak to me, and experiencing x50 lifetimes within 15 minutes warping through different alternate realities. I've been curious about experimenting with LSD, shrooms, and adderall as well as other nootropics.


I personally use Tramadol (around 150mg-300mg). Although, I allow a 24h (or 18h minimum) period before my next dose. Sometimes I do use Marijuana as well, but I just hate the smell. Been meaning to try Marijuana + Tramadol tho, sounds like a really good experience. I've also been looking into buying Diazepam and Clonazepam, haven't had any experience with those, but looking forward to it.


Has quite a rich story of use, done acid, xanax, iktrovil, tramadol, heroin, oxy, xtc mdma, speed, 3cmc, 4cmc, alot of other unknown rcs. Currently takkng memantine ca 30mg a day for my depressive episodes, also clonazepam 0-2mg a day and sometimes lyrica. Every weekend usually speed. Take ALCAR l-acetyl tytosine theanine to not fuck my brain, drugs are the only things keeping me alive, been on all kinds of ssris and snris, which just made everythi g worse. Im so alone and feel so bad.




I want to try it ,HW how is it? Read some stuff about the KHole





ketamine is by far the most addicting drug i've had the pleasure of sniffing. its recent re-emergence in memes brought me in no doubt like many others disconnecting during chinky flu. VR in particular VRchat is amazing on dissociatives btw try it out if you ever get the chance.


yeah I fucking love it, its actually a very versatile drug. If you only take a small amount its almost like an "extra step" of being drunk, then it gets progressively weirder as you take more. Personally I find watching a film/episode or playing a game becomes super immersive and interesting. Everything starts to feel very important, like its actually happening.
holeing is different for everyone. If that's what you really want I would recommend injecting, its so much more powerful than sniffing


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mmmm benadryl for sure :P


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Do people actually consume this recreationally or is it just for the memes?


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It's been getting more popular lately too because life is a fuck.


if it ends on yl, dont touch it.


i personally try to shy away from drugs
especially hallucinogens since i that might make me more likely to get H.P.P.D.
There was a period where i was constantly on xanax to cope with depression
I had to go cold turkey tho, i'm lucky i didn't have a seizure
Since then i've been more skeptical of drugs beyond medical requirements
I've never tried ketamine before, i'm too scared i would love it
Part of me wants to try it recreationally for shits n' giggles

I know it probably sucks, but i kinda wanna try lean
like just a sip

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