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What`s your opinion on adult swim bumps and sewerslvt?


The covers are nice.


To me it sounds pretty uninspired, like a boring parody of jungle.


> underground
idk fam


File: 1607932035944.jpg (150.44 KB, 374x371, 00_dtrash145_thumb.jpg)


I`ve never seen it before! Kinda cool man thanks!


i mean, idk about that chief. i like a lot of sewerslvt, although i do wish she'd maybe diversify a little. aside from a couple ambient interludes on albums most of her work is maximalist jungle. i mean, aphex twin did hard drum n bass but then did something like flim or iz us. maybe she could take a leaf out of his book and experiment with different moods and atmospheres.


Its ok


File: 1624190276735.jpeg (202.79 KB, 2360x1640, 21cxuq9u79571.jpeg)

Sewerslvt? The recent big name amongst 17-year old angsteens who dream of a cute depressed music producer neet cyber chick.

The author isn't extraordinarely skilled or idea-rich. The bland and unimaginative music sounds like royalty free loops spliced together in a step sequencer with random samples from YouTube videos added in. Some people regard these tracks as novel masterpieces when they're too young to know better. Others are just there to lust after the mascot girl.

Rather than hard work, branding and captivating story telling is more often than not the road to success. And indeed, where this individual lacked in the creative department he/she made up for it in marketing, branding and targeting the right audiences.


Found this nice lolicore artist, what do you think?


This is not lainchan
Admittedly I was pretty captivated for the first couple of tracks I heard, I think it was a friend's recommendation, but when he went trans and started blowing up, I heard a lot more and got really bored. Every new one he puts out is so derivative and samey, it's almost as if it's all generated by an algorithm with a very small training dataset.


This is not /pol/ either so don't bring that shit here.


What is "that shit", please?


meh, i think venetian snares is pretty cool but i personally think all the new sewerslvst stuff is just some hippie shit that appeals to edgy 14 year olds.




mid-late 20s doomer here, I like a lot of sewer's stuff, apparently she's gonne for good… did you listen to goodbye? As to success in marketing, from her account doesn't seem to have been that successful, screwed over by record labels….
It's not easy to be original nowadays, you start making a track and it's not easy not to have some other track/artist that sounds very similar to what you're doing…
Go listen to sewer's goodbye, use a propper system, low-end systems tend to miss the lower end frequencies on this one. Kudos :)


This post makes me cry go back to lainchan


File: 1672229346732.png (93.2 KB, 527x457, nvrxitd.PNG)

then just stop showering in acid, will fix the crying and the toxicity, thank me later.
yt search never existed picrel, once again thank me later poltard


Screenshoted lol


Which hippie shit?
Hippie shit as in, peace, free love and Grateful Dead? Or Hippie Shit as in Hip N Trendy?


Hippie as in, i use a lot of drugs to mask my suicide attempts.


Is this what people associate with hippies around you? It sounds like something the authorities in the Eastern Bloc would have made up to scare people away from rock'n'roll.


I watched Adult Swim pretty much every single night until around 2011. I absolutely loved the bumps. Ironically one of the reasons I visit 4chan from time to time is the Adult Swim Bumps thread on /wsg/.


why would they, hippies were created to satisfy people to poverty, because its ok if you're poor if you can take drugs and pass girls around, you dont need to fight for better conditions peace and love maaan just meditate no bad thoughts just good vibes (insert malcom x dead picture)


They would love it actually, 40s-50s rock n roll was the most american freedom loving thing ever and the time america got an independent image since the wild west days(which a good chunk was actually borrowed from canada), 70s hippie garbage is the most "we are all one people" "being poor its a good thing" and "love and peace(stands for bend over and take it)" white liberal thing since the winter revolution, thats why when punk rock came out it was a direct response against it and a throwback to earlier times.

tl dr; fuck hippies


Because it was Western? Imperialist? Bourgeois decadence? Hippies, like anything from the West, was seen as subversive and people with long hair was told to cut it by the police. The Soviets were not liberals, lmao. I have no idea where you got that but you should complain to whoever misled you with such obvious bullshit.


Hippies were liberals not the soviets learn to read


I think you missed the point of the post, it went so far above your head it its in space now.

If you have a good relationship with your parents they can help you, also a good irl friend that its willing to help you too would suffice.


> is the most […] white liberal thing since the winter revolution
Was the "winter revolution" done by hippies or the Bolsheviks? Maybe you should humble yourself a bit before you accuse others of your own faults. Plus we were talking about Easter Bloc attitude to their own domestic hippie imitators, and you imbeciles started going off about internal USA politics, how is that relevant??


Deflecting, of course you cant see the bigger picture lmao, get a g.e.d they give those in jail lol


easter bloc like the bunny



calm donw

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