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Why are Psychedelics the key to understanding the Universe.
Why are you affraid to take them?



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> Why are you affraid to take them?
I'm already mentally unstable, I fear it would push me through the point of no return.


File: 1653743748526.gif (7.27 KB, 100x100, 1618991994582.gif)

alright then come back when you made progress not beeing unsable.
or when you passed the point of no return.
fear not


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I feel they would be way too much for me, and that I would probably get an ego death or a paranoid episode. That's why I'm not sure if trying them any time soon. But I would kind of like to, when I feel I'm ready…


I'm scared to take them because I have a lot of serious, burried truama
I'm also predisposed to HPPD
plus understanding the universe just doesn't appeal to me, but egodeadth sounds kinda cool


File: 1653854108277.png (26.56 KB, 116x128, RQKv8Xs.png)

i feel you.
for me personaly ive ben using them to help me out of these unstable states i find my self in. In the way psychedlics even effect the brain, allows for new patters to emerge and having different parts communicate with eachother.

That beeing said i do know that even tho i had mostly good experiences and id even say the bad once helped me to grow ive seen how naive and irresponsable use can burn out people and drift in all sorts of wooohoo ideas about the world.

Sometimes i do feel like shoving them peoples throats however.


I've never seen the appeal of drugs, even alcohol. The idea that getting high well somehow help you understand anything just seems like a cope for addicts.


Been on shrooms twice and on acid like ~30 times. Good stuff, but when you take <100µg in one session it just becomes a normal trip, like it's all cool and funky and you're high, but there are no deep insights. If you want the real shit, you need to dive deep like 200µg (for me) and that's when it's interesting but not really fun anymore. Like sure it is fun as hell, but exhausting. There's a difference in finding a spiritual understanding and just having a good time tripping. Thats also what people like >>19
will never understand. When you do a greater dosage of psychedelics it's not being high, it's a complete disappearance of all of your habits and prejudices which makes it possible to see everything from the perspective of someone who see's it for the first time. While within the trip it'll be viewed from the perspective the trip gives you which depends on your set and setting, after the trip you can analyze the gathered data through your normal perspective and thus get a greater horizon of everything. Thats also why a lot of people gatekeep the shit out of it, they say you need to be ready or at least age X or have a stable mind. Because you need to proactively use the trips information, if you can't do that, you'll just have a fucked up time and can brag infront of your bros about the things you saw.


It "helps" them, their default is shitty so feeling blasted and sensory overloaded its better than the knife in the chest and the brain squeeze, its just slow suicide to keep you going working 8 hours a day, when youre too fried or the body cant handle it you are probably just a worst version of a young person that can do the same job mkultra yourself no government assistance needed, 12 yours overnight meth shifts contruction industry is based on it.


File: 1654648312473.jpg (119.8 KB, 725x474, 1635984919406.jpg)

I don't think this applies to everyone, you can do drugs without having to be an addict, drinking without being an alcoholic, etc. This depends on the person, and the frequency on which it's being done. I myself do done, every now and then. But I have a friend that has literally fried their brains with drugs and is literally retarded and has to be on it 24/7, and do a shitload of it. Generalizing isn't good, but being an addict is fucking trash.


But "why" do you do it? If not to fill the boring moments in between and distance yourself from reality? I heard everything from helps with anxiety to actually i know everything about the universe. Are you an addict if youre extremely stressed out and have to go to work faded or if you only smoke it after work with your friends? Can you socialize with them without it and feel fufilled? Do you use it to pass the boring times? Or is it just a thing you saw people doing it? Imagine a crazy college party. No imagine the same party with no drugs or alchohol. Boredom leads to suicide, If you have to do it to make your life not boring then you need it. Getting fried its just punishment, the real punishment is getting pickled though, becomimg an old washed up rockstar is a hell unlike any other.


File: 1654658767361.png (975.08 KB, 600x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Well, let's put it like "I feel like it". Not because I'm bored, or because I want things to be better, or even forget about my "problems". I know a shitload of people do drugs because of those kind of things, and that's what leads them to addiction, to them having to be high on it.
I can enjoy the same things I do while I'm high, in the same way I enjoy them differently when I'm not. It's just a matter of "spicing things up" every once in a while.
I do smoke when I'm with my friends, and there's where my friend (which I mentioned >>22) that's become an addict is, it's really noticeable because they can't tell the effects it has on them (memory, cognitive, they don't have control over themselves, etc), it's because people like them drugs are seen as a bad thing. I guess its kinda easy to see things the way you're seeing them, because you've been taught its something that's really bad, and they are, if you get addicted on them, but the same thing happens with food, alcohol, drugs (medicines), tobacco, etc.


I havent been taught anything, i have seen it, is your default not enough? Do you need to spice it it up? Do you not feel the natural ecstazy of walking in the woods and touching the ground, playing sports with your friends, watching a engrossing tv show and soaking it all in? Huggin your wife on the couch? Those are default dopeamine producing feelings, since you do it because you feel like it, why do you feel you need anything else?


Everything society ever taught me was to down xanax and sip lean


File: 1654812927678.png (847.27 KB, 1125x1121, ClipboardImage.png)

So you're basically trying to say that if feel like like doing something once in a while, that will turn me into the worse possible outcome from doing that thing?


If you eat chocolate once in a while youre not gonna get diabetes probably

If you bang your head against a wall every once on a while you will probably become retarded

If you shoot people every once in a while you will get shot and or go to jail.

Different things have different levels and outcomes. Smoking crack will probably destroy you faster than smoking weed for example.

Also i have not said that on my post, i asked you if those things are not enough for you? so you feel the need it to spice it up?


Time for your mind enhancing chemicals chop chop


Once a person starts that path they can never come back you are too far gone and the past with always haunt you, you can be sober steve-o but youre still steve-o


File: 1655746198028.png (214.15 KB, 1085x815, ufo.png)

personaly they helped me out of depressions, and when one lost all meaning just forcing your mind into those diffrent perspectives can bring lots of meaning. of course entities coming from a diffrent dimension, gods etc dont litterally come down in that instance but are just as concious creations like you are.
There are also lots of studys about their effects on depression anyway.

Addiction is just a no brainer, yeah people are stupid and missuse them lmao. Not talking about meth or all that shit they sell as medicin in the us.

For me i dont get the entire pride of never having done "drugs". Its so obviously a social construct whats considered a drug. Having to deal with what ever evolution came up with for you to have babys fast and think of that as the true reality seems so sad.
Its just feels like depriving one self of of experiences, all for your brain to shut down one day having the last thought be: "shit OP was right this is trippy as af"


Well yea if the alternative is to splatter grey matter all over the bath tube then yea drugs will keep you going, i just dont feel the need to shut down my brain not for a single second because i might miss out on something awesome.


that seems like a kind of strange way to think about it, what about sleep? what about the vast periods between interesting work? drugs are typically used to amplify experiences and, to some extent, cognition. going pure definitely in the world has it's good effects but on that basis it seems kinda weird.
that said, depression is a bitch, and i would recommend any proactive solution you can find to combat it, including anything you can get your hands on that you feel will genuinely work to your benefit


Sleep is natural and even then i suffer for the "just one more game" "just one more song symptoms
I wouldnt choose to sleep if i could no.

I dont know your living situatios but without powerleveling that much, i never really find vast amounts of time boring, theres always a book, always a friend, always a girl, always a project to do there is actually not enough time and juggling them all is kinda of a chore in and of it self, granted there are boring moments, nobody likes waiting at the bus stop but the boring moments makes the good moments even better, people that use drugs wouldnt want to be high all the time would they.

You said amplifiy which brings me back to the og question. Why? Picture this:

You and a beautiful girl you love sitting on a grass field wathcing the sun set?

Is that not enough? Does it need amplifing? Is so my only question is why or maybe how come?


There's no friend or girl for me. But I don't do drugs and I actually like waiting at the bus stop, so it's probably okay.


I Thought you did because it helped you out(?)

Either way time is probably better spent finding that girl or friend than at the bus stop



i find a lot of time to be extremely boring. i'm not in the position to do as much as i want with my time, and my brain is constantly addled by having to find new things to do and learn.
i'm not saying that sobriety is bad by any means (i've actually been quite keen on sobriety for some time myself) but i understand that there are many people who genuinely feel the need to use the tools available to them in order to feel better. most of the world is not a very good place, if you need to hit one up every once in a while or power through something, then i would say that's a rational cause. it's probably a more medicinal outlook than most, but i think it's a fair assumption. that also doesn't include drugs that make people dependent on them.
drugs are more useful as tools than they are replacements for experience. caffeine, weed, no real problem as tools; to some extent alcohol, psychs and adderall can be quite useful, but those carry a more significant weight and a necessity for self-control.
tl;dr it's ok to do things that you feel will actually help you if you need to, just don't be a dumbass.


Well ya but those are curing the symptoms not the cause, an advil might make your hedache better but you can still have cancer.

Is the temporary relief worth your lifespan getting shorter? Is life time a precious comodity?

Again if you are bored all the time sure, the alternative is to spring your head out like jack in a box. But the WHY are you bored in the first place to begin with is the real question here. And after that is why is the chemical happines preferable to real happiness?


I'm a different poster I just wanted to inject myself into the discussion.


the underlying causes are societal, practically untouchable outside of smaller circles and in-groups. what more can you ask than to cope with what you're given? are you to suffer the headache, or do you take the advil and make the pain go away?
not all drugs make your life shorter, it's just like food. i'm sure that if your life is pain you aren't exactly clamoring for the next hour with excitement.
again, it is a sociological thing. i didn't intend to make this about me or anything, i am just stating the position and justification of the less fortunate. i can try and "change the world" all i want, but that takes time and energy and capital. i'm just trying to enjoy what i already have.
that might sound kind of doomery but i at least am doing pretty well at the moment, so no big issue.


Nothing can be changed excepy ourselves.

And that does take time energy and capital.
So does getting high in the bushes.

As i stated if the alternative is to bungee without the cord then yea doit, i guess anything is doable at that point coke and hookers all the way.Lots of people love alchohol. If its just to keep going anything goes. But is that worth it? I mean in comparison? Chasing the dragon is all cool and dandy but what happens when you reach it? What happens in your 50s?

Society is fucked yes, so what?

What about cambodia or rwanda?
What about that kid in college in brazil? Should he get on the crime life that surrounds him? Should compton crips kill each other? Should teen moms sell themselves in exchange for money since their parents kicked them out?

I am well aware of what would lead people do what they do, my question is why this instead of the million other options?

Does one thing justify the other? And if so why wouldnt the other way apply as well?


>it's not being high, it's a complete disappearance of all of your habits and prejudices which makes it possible to see everything from the perspective of someone who see's it for the first time.

Sounds a lot like suicide


Maybe if you believe in reincarnation.


Ego suicide


Psychedelics offer too much of a subjective experience of insight or illumination, that I don't believe it can offer any objective truth that is applicable outside of the individual's experience. If you took various revelations people have had while tripping, and compared them, I can assure you that all of it would be contradictory in a larger cosmology, or moral framework, which makes any sort of meaning derived from those experiences completely individualistic. Maybe people come to conclusions which benefit them, maybe they don't, it really is so varied that anything could have any sort of significance, or none at all, depending on the person. I do think psychedelics engage a person's subconscious, and it can be potentially useful for looking into a person's experiences from a psychoanalytic perspective, but that's really it.


Have you taken psychedelics yourself?


there are very few objective truths. everything relies on your perception and cognition, and you have to put trust in even the most basic of things. i think sometimes you can be more right than others, but there is absolutely no ultimate truth. none that we will ever find, anyway.
i believe we are all nodes in a kind of network of knowledge. we each interpret things in our individual ways but that builds into a compilation of that experience that we share with one another. from that, we each sift through and interpret it on our own accord, and the cycle continues.
i don't think i would personally care for psychedelics, but there still might be something to gain from them indirectly.

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