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Goblin Slayer

Make me a List, Gentlemen, I Request with Humility and Meekness Utmost in the Presence of the Higher-Realm Anons.

-The Aurelian Arch-Ibis-T


It's not anime but if you want redpill I recommend watching The Matrix (1999). It has a scene about it.


File: 1593674169333.jpg (130.87 KB, 1080x1072, bestimg3.jpg)

I am a Meme-Magus-Rex

I have Seen and Studied that, sir.

I Desire Arcane-Artefact-Relicks


The Animatrix


File: 1593829658523.jpg (91.82 KB, 403x500, a8bd330a807a8df0478cee59ea….jpg)

Promised Neverland had certain Themes worth paying attention to. Good suggestion, sir.



Don't mind me for taking your list as mine.




File: 1595833089810.jpg (221.9 KB, 1280x699, embrace2.jpg)

Madoka Magica has Repeated / Multilayered References to Butterfly Monarch-Programming

Y'all should be Spooked if you know what to look for.

Also, it's been a month since the OP? How time flies when cities burn eh?


I wish time would go slower, so that things can be enjoyed even more.


I just started watching Goblin Slayer and so far I'm liking it, thanks for putting it out OP.


Same anon here, I had a lot of fun of watching this anime now we go on the next anime in the list.


I'm sure there's social commentary somewhere in dorohedoro but personally I just watch it for the fight scenes, crazy shit, and a e s t h e t i c


pls don't kill me but for me lain is part of femcel culture. it can be redpilled and pikpilled



Berserk is redpilled as hell


i've never sensed any sexual frustration in it, just her being a bit of a loner kid. none of her friends are even dating anybody in the show

what led to your conclusion?


not that anon but icons get adopted by certain cultures all the time regardless of relevance or meaning! quite literally the definition of cultural appropriation.


File: 1668770116226.png (372.12 KB, 508x500, i may be stupid.png)

Megazone 23
Kidou senkan Nadesico
Roujin Z


seems like members of certain communities think view lain as relatable so they connect it to their personal agendas, while it seems like lain is just a nerd who finds comfort in her own interests. those being her navi and the wired. seeing as the online landscape sits today anyone can make up a loose connection to the character of lain especially if they're a bit of a social outcast. while most of them probably see her as a comfort character i really don't think that everyone who pretends to be neurodivergent needs to have a god complex

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