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What are some good anime that were made in the last few years, i feel that all the series i loved are about to be 10 to 15 years old now and i don't want to be *that* guy


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What kind of animu do you like?


File: 1590290720297.jpeg (246.38 KB, 1436x1080, riker.jpeg)

anything that isn't slice of life or with characters that look like they're 5


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How do you feel about the new stuff? Like Kimetsu no Yaiba, or Tower of God


know nothing about it
tower of god seems ok


I found that ToG didn't live up to the manga, tbh.


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I'm currently watching Demon Lord in the academy one.


I've found it to be kind of stale since the MC has forced introduced weakness though, I suppose that can be expected from such anime.


So it's meh, then.



Dr Stone and Blend S are worth checking out.


Made in abyss


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The most recent anime I've watched and really liked was Wonder Egg Priority.


Honestly I only know casuals that didn't think of this anime as complete trash. It's not generic and the art style is really good, but it really feels like it was made for edgy teens to relate to. I watched half of it but it was too repetitive for me to keep watching.
Well I guess it's just one of those animes where opinions differ, I'm glad you could enjoy it, I wouldn't recommend it though.~


>the art style is really good
That was what sucked me into it. Normally don't like that much CGI, but it had a unique look. Sometimes that's all it takes for me.
>made for edgy teens to relate to
Yeah, that kind of turned me off too and at times I wondered how much of it was sincere story telling and how much of it might be a platform for a gacha game down the road. Could picture parents scolding their edgy teens for over spending on too many eggs.
>too repetitive
Was a little disappointed after the first couple episodes to see it was turning into a monster of the week, but I stuck with it because I found it had a sort of surreal quality that I don't often come across… posting this here on a board that often loves Lain, so maybe that says something about my tastes. Anyway, halfway through I began to loose interest, but it took a couple weird twists towards the end and that's what redeemed it for me.
Like op said…
>i feel that all the series i loved are about to be 10 to 15 years old
I can relate to that and for the last couple years I've mostly been watching anime older then that, feeling a little burnt out on popular contemporary art style for the most part.


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I recommend you Monogatari and Girls Last Tour, also Vivy which is airing right now


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Op here thanks for the reccs


Girls und panzer. When I originally saw some things about, I thought it was gonna be some weird anime. But its kinda fun, and the characters are likeable.

Also Initial D.


I liked gundam IBO.


Any one has any nice recomendation for someone that really liked Mushishi? I really like anime with country side, slow paced, fantasy that feels as if it could be real.


A simple, honest life. I'm glad he enjoys games


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Its not about what it is, its about what it could be, but never will because of the way he is

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