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Anyone saw this? What did you think?


No but it looks like shit



This is probably an accurate summation, you seen what Netflix did to my boy Cowboy Bebop? Oh man…..


This was made by Trigger.


animated by trigger, the story board its from cd project who hasnt made a single good game since the original Witcher in 07(which is free on GOG btw great game)


I watched it yesterday, it looked great but otherwise was pretty forgettable.


It's a fun anime. I like other Netflix anime that aren't talked about much.


What other netflix anime do you like?


Its complete trash. This is what zoomers think cyberpunk is about. Never read a book, never cared about big corpos, never cared about globalization or digitalization. Just whooooshhh neoon nights cool cyber samurai so bad ass, lets take some japanese words and hmmmhhhmmm gaddeeeeem how bout this… crazy as haircut with some random shavings inside damn so badass pew pew blue hair gaddeeeeeem


*SPOILERS AHEAD* I really liked it, but I also went in with different expectations: that this would be an action show with a futuristic neon coat of paint rather than something deep concerning man's relationship with technology. I thought Davids struggle was relatable as someone who didn't get the best start in life myself and geneuinely felt sorrowful for how it all ended for him and Lucy.


I finished earlier this month. I didn't think it was terrible, but I definitely don't consider it an anime. It shouldn't have been presented as such. I agree with >>618 on certain points about it not focusing on the deeper context of cyberpunk culture along with at the same time having to agree with >>616 with it being, "fun". I went in with pretty low expectations in the first place coming from Netflix. I hate Netflix and don't personally use it. I ended up downloading the series to check it out through curiosity. Overall I'd give it a 5/10.

Another thing I'd like to mention is the music was probably the most disappointing part. The opening and ending themes were extremely bad for what I'd want out of a cyberpunk animation. From the music to the animation from them. I did like seeing Lucy's tits in the ending video which is the only moment worth seeing once and then the rest can be skipped throughout the rest of the series to save time.


>but I definitely don't consider it an anime.
What criteria do you use to define "anime"? Some say it's the art style that defines it, others say an animation is "anime" if it was made in Japan.
>I hate Netflix and don't personally use it.
Ditto. It's sucked for years now.
>Another thing I'd like to mention is the music was probably the most disappointing part.
I thought the music was pretty good. But again, it's probably because I had different expectations. Considering I also liked the videogame (I waited until about version 1.5 where it was more stable), maybe I just have bad taste.


Well I guess I'm just a gatekeeping bitch, if you want to enjoy the show, enjoy yourself, but I'd much likely prefer to read more classical /cy/-/lit/, before I watch some neon coat spinoff.


Any literature or other media you would recommend? I've had a love of tech since I was a child and have despised it's over-centralization and corpratization since my teens, but I'm still relatively new to cyberpunk as a genre.


This page has neat recommendations for different types of media in its header. I've recently read a few of William Gibsons books. Really neat, Neuromancer is a must in this genre.

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