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Evangelion is overrated, prove me wrong


I can't! It is.

I watched it a few months ago, it was fab but I haven't felt the need to return to it.

I heard someone say you have to "Watch Evangelion, just so you can say you've watched Evangelion."

That rings true to me.


You have to think in the context and time when it was released, thats like if you said lain is overrated but in the year 2138 when the internet has changed drastically, its all about the cultural zeitgeist and the effects on it.


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Generally agree with the other sentiments expressed in the thread. Although it is overrated, I can't fully agree with that myself considering how the original ending made me feel. So I'd say it's still worth watching but I am more than satisfied with it all being over thanks to the release of 3.0+1.0, which was fine for what it was. I enjoyed the 'touch grass nerd' ending


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i feel eva is something you should watch as a teenager so you can better level yourself with the angst. something about watching sexually frustrated children as an adult just feels uncomfortable so i opted not to rewatch it further :D

i wouldn't call the show overrated though, more like famous. people just know it. at least most of the people i know who've watched it didn't think it was anything that special apart from the weird shit going on in the latter half of the series which is just memed to hell at this point.


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It's weird. Whenever I hear the term overrated, I have to pause because I don't often understand how things are rated or pay much attention to that back and forth. Aside from being pedantic there, sure, it's popular and the memes spread to fans of varying levels of interest, maybe, in part, due to a viral marketing push.
Anyway, I didn't watch it initially, so by the time I got around to giving it a chance there was already talk about it being a franchise where the creator was actively provoking his audience, so that was an interesting lens to view it through. Can't really say what I would have thought about it outside of that context.

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