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Use this thread for general anime recommendations! List shows you've seen, what you like about them, and respond to others with shows you think they'd like.

I myself am pretty uncultured when it comes to the anime world. Despite this, anime has produced some of my favorite works of all time. I will list them now:

>MSG Thunderbolt December Sky

>FLCL (only the og OVA)
>Serial Experiments Lain
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
>Howl's Moving Castle

I think I like mecha quite a bit, I also like psychological dramas, and Howl's Moving Castle is nothing short of beautiful.


I'm more replying to bump and encourage those who know more to recommend, as I've only seen a few anime, and only basic bitch stuff; but the most standout are Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion (both the original ending an d End of Evangelion are great, so I'd recommend watching the original series in full first; avoid Rebuild of Evangelion), and My Neighbor Totoro. Highly recommend if you somehow haven't watched them yet and are on this site. I'd love to hear some lesser known stories especially.


Alright, I'm going to do this in 3 separate replies, since first I'm going to list and explain my favorite animes, the my favorite Manga, and lastly my favorite "obscure" anime. I'm not going to be listing SEL or the Nightmare of Fabrication. Also this is going to be spoiler free.

>Haibane Renmei

I doubt that you haven't watched this if you've already watched SEL, but this is a great anime, the animation is a bit "cheap" at times, but the story, the topics that it can go about are interesting. Its also calm, yet kind of depressing at times, and the ending… I seriously need a part 2, even though its never coming.

>Gabriel DropOut

Cute girls, do I need to say something else? This Anime is pretty funny, but also really cute, and has a bunch of waifus. You can watch a bunch of short clips on YouTube to get a general idea of what this is about.

>Girls und Panzer

I know, at first I was skeptical about this, I thought "Girls in tanks, right". But I really liked this Anime so much, its unexpected how fun, and also cute (lolis in tanks!) this Anime gets. The actions scenes are also splendid are really action packed, plus it has like 3 season and 2 movies, something like that so you can really get into it.

>Suzumiya Haruhi

This has a great turn of events, it starts as off as a common "Slice of Life" Anime, but things take a really serious turn, nothing like School Days or Higurashi ni Naku Koro ni though, nothing bloody. But the topics it has are simply amazing, would go as far as to call myself a Haruhifag, and the last series that came out "Nagato Yuki-chan no Shōshitsu", I would personally not recommend, since its a 180 on the original series, and I wouldn't even call it cannon.


I try to rewatch this once a year. The animation on this is just so good, it's a story about a detective kid called Houtarou, the investigations are not some police-level kind of stuff, but the develop,ment between the characters is also interesting, not to mention Mayaka and Chitanda are really cute girls, and it's also a p comfy Anime.

>Toaru kagaku/majutsu franchise

This one has like 10 total series, but I found them to be quite fun, its a sci-fi Anime about "Espers" (iirc there's only like 4, I watched this so long ago), but there's cute girl, a decent story, wide variety of characters, and the universe itself, I'd consider it to be the largest out of what I've listed here.

Honorable mentions:
>Hanasaku Iroha
Cute Anime, I really didn't get sadge on the story, but its fine. It's a drama story about a girl that gets abandoned by her mother iirc.
>Kokoro Connect
I like this one, this one I recommend, its about body switching on a group of friends.
Watch this if you want to cry.


I really haven't read that many Manga, but I guess I'm mentioning these 3, which are my favorites and they're p okay.

>Aku no Hana

If you have watched the Anime (and if you haven't, you shouldn't), don't expect this to be anywhere near it. I read this in one sitting of just how intense this gets, its a psychological, drama, some even consider it a coming of age. But how this story develops is kind of sinister. If you ever read this, lmk your thoughts. The art isn't bad either.

>Tokyo Ghoul

This is an extense series. I'd heavily recommend this one over the Anime (primarily because I watched little from the Anime, and this is much better). The story of Kaneki Ken, the art on this is amazing, Ishia Sui is truly a great artist, Tokyo Ghoul starts off and ends off great. :re (the sequel) starts off a bit confusing (for me), and it starts explaining some things forward on, and at one point it starts getting too confusing imo. I'd consider this somewhat of an extensive Manga, I didn't even finish reading :re, but its p good overall.


I don't remember this one much, but I can tell you this one takes a different path than the Anime or even the movies, from what i recall this one shoulod be like the original author's work, so this is what Evangelion was "truly meant to be", don't take my word for it though, I don't remember much from this.

I've heard about but never read:
>Initial D
If you like cars, and JDM, this is for you, even the Anime adaptation is consistent and very complete (it features a wide range of genres: comedy, drama, action, etc). From what i've been told, the art on this is pretty fine as well.


Now this is what I consider obscure. Why? Because the people I know, usually don't know these, and I've only been able to discuss these with hardcore weebs, I'm not saying these are from sort of Anime iceberg or the sort, but I consider these obscure, so don't judge.

>Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

A lot of people have played the VNs and not watched the Animes, these are fine and are about people starting to get missing "Keiichi" tries to figure things out, to pretty much no avail. The story sort of repeats itself on multple occasions, I'd call it somewhat of a paradox. This is graphic and gory at times, even if it may not seem like it.

>Youjuu Toshi - Wicked City

Now this is one of those "Old and obscure Animes", released in 1987 this is the story of two agents that are trying to keep things to a level between two dimensions. This is graphic, and gory.

>Ouritsu Uchuugun: Honneamise no Tsubasa

Don't remember much about this one either, but I gotta say that the animation quality for this is amazing. Story about Shirotsugh, and his desire and search to go to space. This one explores other aspects such as societal issues. This movie can be very slow at times (like David Lynch's Dune), and the story isn't a 10/10, but its got them aesthetics.

>Kara no Kyoukai

Watch these movies, you will not be dissapointed. Same art style as Fate series', 7 movies, can be gory and graphic at moments.

>Dansh Koukousei no Nichijou

I remember this thing being as hilarious as it gets, simply amazing.

>Mekakucity Actors

This one doesn't have a great story, but the artstyle is unique, and great, I'd recommend this solely for the art style, and the songs I guess.

Honorable mentions:
Anime about a hikikomori girl, waifu of many people. This one is more well-known but since you mentioned not know many animes, I'm listing this.
>Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
This is an interesting one, the story is fine-ish, the art style is fine-ish, but at one point in the Anime they mention something that simply… Made this thing kind of more interesting for me, too bad they didn't get into any details or sequels, because I am still curious as to why them, or whats the point about it.

Most of what I listed, I watched years ago(5+), this is why my reviews don't go into many detail and are somewhat superficial, but take my word for them being good.

My 2c, you anon?



Gundam UC


File: 1649591919388.gif (997.71 KB, 500x278, f47c85917e8932ea9ba87a1f1e….gif)

I watched Redline yesterday, it was beautiful and intense, I would definitely recommend watching it.


File: 1650833518876.jpg (395.99 KB, 1920x1080, damn it feels good to be v….jpg)

> Dead Leaves
Fifty minutes of mindless violence fun, unique visuals. I found it pretty entertaining, just don't expect philosophical depth, or any kind of depth really.


File: 1652717762038.jpg (221.83 KB, 576x598, desuboquet.jpg)

I like Rozen Maiden (and the sequels and the OVA). Good OST (OPs, EDs, Kowareta Sekai, Kodoku na Kokoro). Rozen Maiden blends slice of life type moments with story and some battle scenes. Good animation and cute dolls.

Haibane Renmei is really good!

This is also highly recommended. Do not read about the plot!


If my favorite anime are Lain, Cowboy Bebop and Golden Boy what should I watch?


Full house



I cannot recommend this enough Gundam Uc is awesome!
I would reccoment IBO for a beginner though.


File: 1666890859262.jpg (177.37 KB, 1440x1080, megazone23.jpg)

my personal favorites

>megazone23 pt. 2, although you should watch all of it

>Fooly Cooly, it is essential to growing up much like the goofy movie
>Maison Ikkoku, it just fucking slaps. and it'll mess with your brain and heart a lot
>Akira, but in the cinemas. i went to see it about 2 years ago in what was basically just one level from an imax with my brother and holy shit it was like nothing else


>Armitage III
>Maison Ikkoku

fuck it, throw in Saber Marionette J as well



I love random 80s ovas


Key the Metal Idol.



File: 1672841715256.jpg (32.58 KB, 613x386, videogirl.jpg)

Video Girl Ai

Nice little six episode OVA about a guy who buys a vhs, and gets quite a shock when a girl comes out of it.

Ai-chan is my fave. ^-^


Good recommendation.




I've been rewatching Silent Mobius. I'd easily recommend this one to those who haven't watched it here.



File: 1681458074629-0.jpg (141.51 KB, 1120x1378, __suminoe_ako_and_suminoe_….jpg)

File: 1681458074629-1.jpg (1.09 MB, 2808x3875, __suminoe_ako_and_suminoe_….jpg)

Kiss x Sis was an instant classic. Fits in if you like more modern anime or even "retro" anime series. It could have fit in pretty great even if it were made a decade earlier or so. I loved it and wish there would have been more as the manga had so much more to add.

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