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Looking to know how exactly does body self-balance itself during locomotions/animations like walk gaits, trots; how/why left leg moves with right hand in tandem and vice versa, and then the pelvis and spine orienting towards slightly but not completely
.. which seems like follow through if not inertia. Maybe also how does the pose came to be thru physics and balancing force.

Please describe it in math or vectors. thanks


File: 1646510731035.jpg (31.15 KB, 627x614, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

It's just the dualism of the world man. The equation is action -> reaction. You don't need more. Trying to get the beauty of life into maths is like thinking looking at lyrics or music notes and thinking it'd be the same as hearing the song. Picrel is all you need to intuitively understand


You are so retarded - unplug your computer forever



help then tx


This tread has gotten retarded in record time. Topic post was a little strange but nothing noteworthy, and then it all went to shit with the next two posts. Unironically good job. I am have nothing to contribute to the actual topic however, so I will instead contribute to the stupidity.


The topic is so absurdly ill-defined and non-specific, though - "explain human locomotion with vectors, pl0x." What? Does he want a university humanoid robotics curriculum compressed into an imageboard post? Crash-course on the neurology of balance? What is actually being asked, here?


Of course I'm just shitposting a fucking Yi Jing in here. OP asked for the stupidest shit ever and wants an impossibly laborious explanation that wouldn't even help him in any way. The only way is practice and implicit understanding.

Also I bet 100usd OP is the same guy who has already posted like 5 different "how do I draw XYZ" threads in here. It's annoying as fuck so he gets an esoteric picture symbolizing an explanation of the way everything in the world is balanced.


its less like math and vectors and more like biology, the body wasn't designed with inertia in mind, it found its form while within the constrains of the universe


ok dont cry, whatever implicit understanding you have clearly it s useless for you to generate anything useful so maybe you should be the one who practice again evidently since it's not good enough


does this count as a coherent thought? Am I having a stoke? Where am I?


useless? I can convert it into drawing skills or sports and it uses me a lot. I gained it by practicing for years instead of looking for shortcuts on imageboards by asking people to give me equations on how people move. If you had just asked this retarded question, I'd take it with humor but you're literally spaming this website with your "how do I draw" nonsense. How many new threads have you made about this topic now? 3? 4? Come one, nobody can or will give you helpful answers because the raw data of truth will not be helpful to you in any way


>how do i draw
i have a degree in drawing good so i dont rrally ask that.
but you are illiterate so thats fine.
>raw data in truth dont help
this is why i dont need to talk to everybody
theyre withholding information by the inch of their balls because they think it is right. makes everything useless


also its not spamming because mod solicit this and you dont own the board, just like you dont own anything in life but your feeble intelligence and bloating confidence at the important of your own essay about how your opinion is and always correct for whatever funny situation you could get into, or ever:
which is mostly just a nobody's thread because you fail in life like you fail to address this could-be-simpler thread since 90% of your commentary is only about how right you are and nobody is ever more correct

now, you may cry


How come everyone in all of your threads tell you, you are retarded and your questions do not make any sense?


>How many new threads have you made about this topic now? 3? 4?
At least eight on this website alone, much more on all sites combined.

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