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what kind of fan art should i do to help my channel grow? also what sort of quality should the thing possess(to hit big profit no less, like 15000 page views likes comments in a day /debut?)


I can't believe you're still making these threads every day. What is wrong with you?




only zenius understandz ze predicamentz


File: 1636964121267.png (956.56 KB, 901x1390, 74dfa2776ba0c799150f9494ce….png)

You should draw cute anime girls in glasses.


Well I guess that answers my question.


>>444 i am gladz you decided to give up your insistenz


You need the algorithms on your side, so you need cooperations and (social (buaarrh~)) networking.

You could - as long as you are fine with being connected to far right extremists - make channels on cuckchan an draw what they want and share your channel there. You'd get a lot of hardcore edgy 12yo viewers in no time.

But for real. You should do for arts sake, because there are so many artists, breaking through is goes back to: a) connections pre-networking b) connections from network c) sheer luck d) extraordinary talent


>>446 is there that many hardcore edgy people?

i just want to break 50k monthly…


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Why the slouch?

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