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i wanna be those artists with tons and thousands of views and comments which means like…tons of sales too
how to? i dont have their style of course, but something similar and i wish to have/build the audience for it i guess


Do you mean selling commissions on twitter or officially employed by anime company?


either one looks good with the same benefit i guess? but these days you need solid portofolio to be employed so i can only start from…i dunno, what do u think should i do?




In order to be famous on the internet you have to sell your ass to the algorithms of the big corpos. So if you're good, you could make a neat streaming setup to either draw on PS or if you've got a good webcam and nice lightning directly stream actual drawing. Then you'd had to immplement your community which will consist out of a quarter potato and some weird kids that ask too much for the first 8 months, and let them decide what you draw via polls.
If you want to become an actual anime producing artist, I'd gather some references first for example helping some weird company draw illustrations or some shit like that. Maybe you could also do your own little collection/brand like the same 2 sheep that always cuddle so normies can link their spouses profile underneath the picture. Anything that gives you references for being an artist would be good.

(Talked without any experience or profession in that direction)


>>422 what algo? i only know to follow most trending currently.
where's this weird company? never seen offer like that.


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>i wanna be those artists with tons and thousands of views and comments
That's totally the wrong attitude towards any art-form.

If you really loved drawing, you would still do it even if you knew in advance that it would never make you money. Making art is the first priority; being 'famous' is a perk.

You might argue that you want to be famous so that you can do art full-time. That's fair, but still, the reason you want to dedicate your life to drawing is because you want to draw, not because you want to be famous. So the passion for art must still come first.

Once you straighten out your priorities, it is clear what to do: draw. Just draw. As often as you can. Take pleasure in it. Develop your own style. Try not to labour under the pressure of being successful one day. Just draw because you love it.

By drawing continually, you'll gain two things: confidence, and a portfolio. Then you'll have everything necessary to build a website for yourself, get a Gumroad account, apply for animation jobs, whatever. But, remember that none of these things will be even remotely possible without samples of your art - so start there.


>>432 but i want art samples that are outstanding and i have no idea.


Obviously nobody here is an outstanding artist who can give you any real leading advices you couldn't come up with yourself. Just go to a school that is focussed on creativity, learn something with digital art and never stop learning. If someone gives you advices and you say "but" they will stop. If you want to be good at something just practice consistently, this is not a babysitting department

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