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So in my humble opinion there are many anime shows, especially recent ones, that are really hyped but not good or not as good as their hype would let you think. So in order to save time and or warn people to not expect too much from an anime, I'd like to make this OAWT (Overhyped Anime Warning Thread).

The comments should NOT include spoilers, especially not something like "the plottwist is stolen by XYZ". That would really suck.
Try to just include data like:
-Reasons why it is bad (repetitiveness, unoriginality, hollow characters)
-Reasons why it is hyped even though it is not that good f.e.
>it's hyped because the main character makes a good waifu, but the rest of the show is trash

I'll start by replying to my own post.


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My first one would be obviously: Darling in the Franxx

The anime made a ridiculously good waifu that's got it all. The style, the horns, the split personality. That is basically why the character is hyped, not really the show.
Prepare to watch a boring ass anime with a plot that is 80% NGE and a Character-relationship-lore that is 100% a copy of Elfen Lied
It is still fun to watch most of the time, actually really good in the first episodes. Expect to like her but not the anime.


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My 2nd and last one for now is:

Trust me, this show is a hot piece of garbage.
It starts really good (even for an isekai) and really makes you want to watch. The gates that are opened in the first episodes make you wonder about what's going to happen.
But after a few episodes it really becomes a sore and boring show without any character development at all.
The only thing that really is good about this show is the character design of Ram and Rem. It is simple but brilliant. The rest is for the trash can.
Worst MC of all time(!)
The show completely destroys the concept of deaths for every other anime you watch as well, because all the time someone dies and gets revived by going back in time.
Also the second season (24 episodes!) consist out of 2 things (not really a spoiler)
-50% of the time the MC cries and whines
-the other 50% Emilia does the exact same thing

I honestly regret having watched this show from the depths of my heart.


Jojo's bizarre adventure.

I honestly don't get the appeal of this show at all. The characters look incredibly ugly and like a mere paper cut will kill them all thanks to how extremely bara they look. They look better at 12 than at whatever age they are when they're grown up, because they don't even look like 12 when they're 12 but more like normal human beings. People love to praise the "uniqueness" of this show but it's just very ugly and boring. Oh no, Dio is so evil he killed a dog! Oh no, Dio is so corrupted he just stole this girls first kiss!… Dio is very boring.

My friend forced me to watch this with him for the first time ever, kept telling me that it's a very good show I'll end up loving and after a whole season I still cannot stand this show and don't plan on watching more of it either. The fans are also extremely annoying. Whenever someone says anything, there has to be a Jojo retard saying "omg was that a jojo reference XD" as if it's the funniest shit ever.

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