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Ray Blanchard is a man who researches sex and shit. He says that anime turns you gay, turns you into a transgender, turns you into a transvestite. Going by the track record of weebs, troons and femboys, there is a good chance he was right.

Does he scare you otakus? He is the demon with in your deepest, darkest nightmares? Does his sooths scare you and make you fear the inevitable, that all weebs will troon out and cut their dicks off


Ofcourse, this is why there is tons of fanservice in anime catered towards males, we all know that tits&ass help to turn sb gay!


There is also tons of "high school girl slice of life" anime with an explicitly male target audience, not to mention explicitly sexual yuri, yaoi, trap, p*d() shit (all of which with the same audience).

I think the main issue is that media companies japan don't see an issue with appealing to the darkest sexual desires that people buying figurines and collectables might have.
I used to be frustrated by the fact that western media companies make an effort to be woke instead of appealing to their main target audience, in japan that obviously isn't the case. There they go all in on providing top tier escapism to people who are fucked up already and shouldn't be encouraged to ignore reality further.


Well I think there is a good chance, but I also think that there is a just as high chance that people who have a potential of becoming trans or gay just are more likely to watch anime then people who don't.
Being an otaku is a form of rebellion against the western system, so we have a lot of political right weebs, a lot of IT-weebs and some gay-weebs.

That doesn't mean that watching anime is constantly making you more gay, like for example every cigarette is somehow killing you a little more.
But I've got to admit that I don't see a problem in crossplaying a female anime character *ironically* to contribute to the otaku culture.


sweaty nerds with no contact whatsoever will reach a point that they break and if pretending to be a woman gets them something remotely close to friendship sex and love they would take it, anime its irrelevant, the medium follows and tries to appeal to its cullture not the other way around.


"the medium follows and tries to appeal to its cullture"
Art and entertainment is also used for things like propaganda, to create culture. There is also always a search for thing to sell to people that they don't even know they want yet.
I agree with the rest tho.


propaganda it only effective if you buy in to it

I can push flat earth propaganda all i want if nobody buys it its useless, some people do most people don't

If you troon out because you watched a cartoon "LOL" its all i can say.


>propaganda is useless
Is that what you are saying? Is advertisement entirely ineffective also? What the fuck?
Obviously it takes more than watching "a cartoon" or one single advertisement to change your behavior, but it does effect people to some degree.
And if you spend hour every day for years just "consuming content", as so many people do, it affects you in some type of way. Particularly true for "vulnerable" people.


>propaganda is useless Is that what you are saying?

no some people buy into flat earth obviously, but if you dont buy it their efforts on you are wasted.

>And if you spend hour every day for years just "consuming content", as so many people do,

turn it off lol, go to the gym, play soccer, go throw rocks at people lol.

people did so many things back in the day before technology why would you stop doing them just because theres cartoons on tv?

And even farther why would you let it affect you to the point you chop your dick off?

At somepoint you gotta take resposibility for your actions before its too late and youre consumed by your fuck ups.

Some body musta told you or you must have seen that if you spend hour every day for years just "consuming content" isn't good for you, its on you to change after that.

For every single propaganda effort there is people pushing the other way, its on you to listen, and nowadays with the internet its not some underground manifesto that only has 20 copies of it, its there and anybody can find it.

> Particularly true for "vulnerable" people.

Everybody its vulnerable i dont know what that means.


You have me misunderstood, i quit like my dick, and I'm not big into anime.
I'm still concerned about my friend, neighbor or son to get ideas like that. I don't want to live a mentally ill society.

>Everybody its vulnerable i don't know what that means.

Most troons have a collection of mental illnesses to begin with. There is also the idea of a "incel → trap porn → tranny" pipeline.


>Most troons have a collection of mental illnesses to begin with

Sucks for them go try and tell them that they're wrong, they'll get a mob of retards to flip trashcans and stomp you in.

Its their body and their choice, let them die lol


People cutting their dicks off didn't used to be an issue. I would prefer it it that still was the case, but no i won't sacrifice myself for this.


people cutting their dicks are less than 1%
We just have a larger overall population and you can just post you did it and lots of people can see it.

its not that big of a deal really its just sad with a
touch of funny.


Yo guys the propaganda part is kina retarded because most of the anime are not at all influenced by western society (trannies). And even those who are f.e. produced in association with netflix still are just influenced, they're not produced in a way that is intentionally turning you gay wtf.
Also: People (churches and so on) tried to ungay people for hundreds of years and you think anime developed within 50 years into a gaymaker.


>its not that big of a deal
Based on were you live you finance dick chopping or at least hormones with taxes, have transvestites teach children about buttsex as part of sex education, or you get fined for misgendering.
Nobody would have believed that 10 years ago. Hows it gonna look like in 10 more.

Anime seems to encourage anti social behavior by acting as a replacement for actual social interaction, as well as commonly featuring fetish subject matter, even if it doesn't have an agenda behind it.


what do you wanna do about it?

its not my children(i dont have any but theoretically), i see my taxes returned when i break a leg and go to the hospital, i dont care if some tranny chops it off its funny to me, i dont know where you live but only shitty places with shitty parents that dont care about their kids have shitty sex ed, there no tranny propaganda in nowhere,midwest i assure you.

anime nowadays its slice of life simulation which people use to simulate life experiences, they're sweaty retarded fat/stick faggots for the most part, that demographic tends to be alone,so they turn gay to have some interaction, its not an anime thing, people turn prison gay, the army its filled with homos, the romans did it, anything that has men for a extended period of time without female affection will have its few which will try to fill the female role, its not a new thing, anime its just the current thing because you can literally trick your brain into thinking you are having meaningful relationships, until the series is over then depression and wanting those relationships happens, then you realize that if you spread your asshole somebodys its gonna fuck it, if you are rockbottom depressed suicidal you literally have nothing to lose.


Why do we need stupid shit threads like these.


anime and trannys are kinda relevant to ib culture


stop whining

make your own amazing thread


> ib culture
If I cared about shit like that I would be on reddit not here.


>tits and ass so it can never turn me gay

This is what really happens. An anime with tits and ass comes on to the screen. You like tits and ass in no matter what form and you see an anime girl. You get conditioned to think the anime girl(lit. a drawing) is hot because TnT and the characters in the show thinking it is t.hot. You now ejaculate or have the protentional to ejaculate to anime girls. You see an anime girl and your past experience says that she is hot. The anime reveals that she is not a girl but in fact a boy, a trap. You now think traps are hot because you associate traps with sexual attraction. You think traps are cute and t.hot after weeks, months or even years reinforcement due to your porn addiction. You now want to be the trap due to watching that much tarp pron. Boom now you are gay.


>I don't see a problem in crossplaying a female anime character *ironically* to contribute to the otaku culture.

Case in point Blachard was right.



Does art imitate reality or reality imitate art?

In this case art is Gowther from 7 deadly sins and reality is some coombrain who is so lonely he develops autogynaphilia to cope. Like some buffilo bill situation but instead of killing fat girls he goes on discord.



Make children's' shows with propaganda saying all the round earthers are lying devils and yes they will buy. Case and point anime, all the shit cartoon network and Netflix shows to children. It works for sure, doesn't it just make ya sick?


>> Particularly true for "vulnerable" people.
Everybody its vulnerable i dont know what that means.

I think it is so retarded how people claim certain people are vulnerable. I think it is even more retarded when the same people claim themselves are not. They can be used by family, friends, propaganga, etc. as much as anybody else.


File: 1624662874018.jpg (114.68 KB, 1024x909, Ward_promo-1024x909.jpg)


It was an issue. We a society just decided to give them free studio apartments like they were going to college or something. I don't know why we stopped, man looks comfy. Maybe it caused to much. ;:/ who knows.



Get a load of this fag, thinks trannies only exist in the west. Yes transgenders and tranny propaganda started in the west with ((them)) in the weimar republic with Magnus "disgusting pervert" Hirschfeld. The trap thing, though, was very common in the east. I can say with certainty that there was only traps in japan. The samurai plays always had men in dresses and make up. The rest of the east in modern time are filled to the absolute brim with trannies. Look at Thailand, known for their dick girls who stalk their red light districts. Looking for a nice western, homo in denial, to buy a cheap blow job from them.

It is easier to make somebody want to fuck something to make somebody not want to fuck something. It is easy to develop a fetish just takes maybe some porn and boredom.


File: 1624664344895-0.jpg (3.28 KB, 85x128, images.jpg)

File: 1624664344895-1.jpg (1.32 MB, 2483x2560, A1RKPYaavCL.jpg)

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File: 1624664344895-4.jpg (25.74 KB, 655x368, queer-kids-tv-show-charact….jpg)


>No trannie propaganda in the west I assure you.





File: 1624664923956-0.jpg (45.51 KB, 655x368, queer-kids-tv-show-charact….jpg)

File: 1624664923956-1.jpg (35.33 KB, 655x369, the-owl-house-disney-bisex….jpg)

File: 1624664923956-2.jpg (46.52 KB, 655x368, maxresdefault_6.jpg)

File: 1624664923956-3.png (429.92 KB, 650x553, clown-world-2.png)

File: 1624664923956-4.jpg (42.33 KB, 500x500, artworks-000550492347-ww40….jpg)





>people turn prison gay




The truth, hurts so much.


We can call them one of the same


>Amazing thread

I know, nothing is more amazing then the truth


File: 1624665746317.jpg (26.12 KB, 640x606, EZfkP3EXQAMcuqU.jpg)


One who does not mind their own culture, their culture will fall.


your a pussy


So carneval turns men gay as well because some ironically pick female characters for their costumes? Case in point, you're just oversensitive to some topic because politicians use tranny-support to get liberal voters and others use anti-tranny-support to get frog voters and nobody realises both parties are authoritian-right.
If you're that sensitive to a topic about something because it's not the natural way and the system enforces it, maybe you should stop sitting >8hours a day in front of your glowing machine, which is in no way natural or healthy to the humans body or mind. But that's okay for you, because it's just the way you feel, eeeehhh?


the thing with troons its a complicated issue
yea its gross but so its eating boogers, should eating boogers be illegal? should we ban the eating booger society and their ads? flat earth people have their own thing too, they're just arent taken seriously.
I personally think its funny in a trainwreck circus show kinda way but if niggas wanna chop it off theres not much you can do other than laugh


i don't know much about blanchard's theorizing and should probably read about it to understand if there is any nuance to it, but first thoughts about the anime actually makes people gay sentiment seems like a forced meme to troll and bait oversensitive weebs with and not much else.

i could see how some who dive head first down the moe rabbit hole might be closeted, even to themselves, and since there are a lot of teens into anime fandom… well, they probably don't all really know what they want at that point in their lives anyway. so, they would probably go queer or troon out with or without anime obsessions. it would just be some other catalyst that would lead them to know what they already knew, but didn't yet know that they knew. and also hikki neet types who are already damaged in terms of identity and then go trans as an attempt to cope simply because it is now an option popularized in the mainstream media.

again, just first thoughts, but i also imagine that publishing some pseudo-scientific theory about anime being a cause of gender bending and not just a medium with sub-genres that latent gender benders are attracted to would be published at this point in current year simply because it would garner attention and that attention would benefit the author, not because their was any substance to it. psychology and social sciences are full of that type of filler. any theory that can possibly be postulated will be postulated in the pursuit of publication, regardless of it's merits.

TLDR - just because more trannies played with dolls and girly toys as a kid does not mean that all childrens toys makes you gay, but you might be able to gain some notoriatty and cash in on publishing a paper that makes such a claim.


File: 1631741432436.jpg (1.16 MB, 1641x2344, 1629787287900.jpg)

I fapped to tranny porn before I found anime. Now I only fap to girls, tomboys, fit girls, and monster girls. Anime has made me straighter and I'm growing stronger.


these places were pretty much human traffic slave rape dungeons, im not defending trannies but anybody who thinks psych wards were good should be shot.


The trends was already established prior to anime and manga with movies and porn.

The fact is that watching too much of cool women (with beauty) doing cool stuff (male stuff) makes appealing for a young male to indentify himself as a woman.

Maybe the antidote is just to make yourself (or your children) watch more macho protagonist.

There is also the fact that gay stuff ultimately attract people who are gay. It means that it is more a correlation than a consequence that people watching anime are in majority attracted by the same sexe.

You have picked my interest and I will do some research about Blanchard


Also the essay Ray Blanchard posted on twitter is not his own. He just reposted it because it had the same subject from his studies.

He latter responded he didn't knew it would attract so much attention on him from twitter mobs.

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